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Scary movie sau scary night...sau Halloween?

Posted on October 22, 2017

Pai, cam asa...zic eu..


Hello, dragii mei!

Care-i treaba cu Halloween-ul asta? Nu prea mi-am bat capul,ce-i drept, stiu doar ca ne place sa copiem si cum aceasta sarbatoare ni s-a parut "cool", am "imprumutat-o "si pe aceasta de la prietenii deh!

Daca vei cauta pe Wikipedia, sunt acolo cateva informatii cu privire la originea acestei sarbatori, cum ca a fost o sarbatoare celtica, pagana, deci europeana si s-a raspandit prin America datorita imigrantilot irlandezi. Se sarbatoreste pe 31Octombrie si copii se costumeaza in diverse personaje creepy, (dupa parerea mea): vrajitoare, mumii, adica de la printese pana la cranii umblatoare...colindand pe la case întrebând „Trick or Treat?” (P?c?leal? sau dulciuri?), ca o amenin?are c? dac? nu li se dau dulciuri, persoanei colindate i se va juca o fars?. Ca si decoratiunii interioare si mai ales exterioare, cu prilejul acestei sarbatorii, este dovleacul sculptat cu diverse fete: triste, vesele, horror, etc.. imi aduc aminte de placinta bunicii cu dovleac, care era absolut delicioasa de-ti lingeai degetele si pe alte tale si le imprumutai si pe alte vecinului :)))

Halloween-ul asta e o sarbatoare a lumii nocturne, ascunse, fantomelor si spiritelor malefice, dar este pentru copii...Dar, daca i-ai pune sa se uite la un film horror...cum ar fi ? Pariu ca ar fi tragedie :)))

Cred ca am participat o singura data la un astfel de eveniment si nu mi-a lasat un gust amar, dar nici n-am mai fost curioasa sa retraiesc starea...

Era intr-un club mic, asezonat corespunzator sarbatorii, atarnau vrajitoare cu maturoaiele specifice, pisici zburlite si turbate, panze de paianjan si chiar am vazut cateva costume simpatice. Nu, nu m-am costumat!:P

In alta ordine de idei, e doar un alt moment de a sarbatori rau si prinde din ce in ce mai mult si la noi. Un alt mijloc de a iesi intr-un club, bar, prietenii sau sa petreceri niste  freeky time sarbatorind acest eveniment.

Cat de scary poate fi? !


Tips for the Service car rental

Posted on October 21, 2011

Tips for the Service car rental

For several years, more people turn to car rental services in Bucharest and other cities. Sometimes people do not know what they should do when you want to rent a car and could get nothing more than what they expected. And to avoid these things, I thought it would be better to give some advice.

Most importantly, before starting to search the car you want is to think about exactly where we need it, how many passengers we have, if we have children, if summer or winter and the list goes on depending on individual needs.

And now to begin.

We chose the location, we know how many passengers we have and in what time we will need a car.

1. The first thing choosing a car rental agency, you can contact our Eurocars agency in major cities  or other agents can search on google.

2. When you start to fill in the form of rental cars to pay attention unless they are charged hidden fees such as late payment penalties, gas prices and more.

3. To be aware that car rental must be presented for the same brand and same model as declared in the rental agreement carefully and check the information given on your vehicle registration and check if they correspond with reality.

4. Sometimes discounts are offered to rent a car, follow these discounts and take advantage of them. Discounts are offered if used for payment by credit card, or loyalty  to certain age, one day to four days free rent, special prices for weekends, holidays or unpaid hours between particular times.

5. If the luggage and group size are small, you can consider a smaller car. If you plan to travel with a large or too bulky luggage, you can rent a minibus.

6. Be careful what kind of car you choose. There can not have the manual and you will not be used with the automatic. Or if it is equipped with child seat, GPS and more.

7. If the trip will be on multiple days or want to leave the Romanian territory,read section  across border rentals, be careful if they are not special provisions for renting cars abroad or if the company will grant this right.

8. Ask for a phone number in an emergency to report a fault, if it will occur, or other problems. Asked how such a problem will be solved.

9. Make sure also that the agent inspects the body in your presence and that will put the agreement in respect of any damage.

10. Before leaving the vehicle, check to make sure you do not have personal items left in the car to be pretty hard to recover once the car was returned.

I hope these tips will guide you and will help you choose the right car for your holiday. Expect more tips or if you had some troubles, let us know, maybe we can then avoid those situations.

Bon voyage!