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Découvrez la Roumanie en voiture - pas du tout cher!

Posted on June 24, 2010
Dans le passé, il y eut un temps où pour arriver en Roumanie et la visiter était une grande chose, à cause des restrictions (pays récemment sortie du régime communiste), et la bureaucratie demandait une dizaine de papiers, visas, vérifications, tout pour décourager les touristes d'y arriver. Car nous sommes déjà dans l'Union Européenne, tout est maintenant à la portée de la main et les frontiè...

Travel trips in Romania

Posted on June 14, 2010
Welcome to Romania! How about finding out some important tips about traveling in this country before actually arriving here? Of course these tips remain valid also for the ones that have already arrived! Driving in Romania First of all, basic rules: driver seat is on the left side of the car (UK drivers pay attention! :) ),  no cell phones while driving (hands free is allowed), driving with...

EuroCars Rent A Car Loyalty Program

Posted on June 08, 2010
It is said that a customer of the house is always treated better than a usual one... You start to believe in this sentence every time you return in the same hotel where you have stayed last summer, or each time you talk to your trip advisor, and they seem to smile at you and serve you in the best way possible, because you have already made acquaintance, and they seem to already know your name ...