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How to wish a Happy New Year to all our EuroCars customers, taking in consideration their own language and nationality?

Posted on July 10, 2011
Because we want you all to be happy, we will do our best and start writing in English, this being the main international way to communicate between us. To our Romanian compatriots we wish as it follows: Va multumim pentru ca ati fost alaturi de noi in 2010, si speram sa apelati la serviciile noastre de inchirieri masini si in anul ce a inceput. Va uram "La multi ani ! ", sa ne bucuram d...

Excursie pe Transfagarasan

Posted on July 07, 2011
Excursie pe Transfagarasan Iti place ceea ce vezi? Iti pui cumva urmatoarele intrebari: unde este? Cum  se poate ajunge? Merita atata interes? Ca si simplu turist care a hoinarit pe aceste meleaguri iti spun ca DA merita fiecare minut petrecut in aceasta zona superba, merita ca ochii tai sa priveasca in adevaratul sens al cuvantului fiecare fir de iarba, fiecare creasta, fiecare colt de natu...

Sighisoara, Cetatea Medievala

Posted on July 07, 2011
Sighisoara, Cetatea Medievala “A fost o data ca niciodata... si  este inca “Perla Transilvaniei”, orasul medieval Sighisoara. Situat  in mijlocul unui defileu al raului Tarnava Mare, pe un deal izolat,  conservadu-se  printr-un miracol cel mai frumos orasel medieval din sud-estul Europei. Calatoria in minunatul tinut stravechi  se poate face pe trasee auto ce corespund drumurilor nationa...

Sighisoara, Medieval Citadel

Posted on July 07, 2011
Sighisoara, Medieval Citadel "It was a time that never ... and is still the "Pearl of Transylvania", the medieval town of Sighisoara. Located in the middle of a gorge Tarnava Mare, on a hill isolated conservadu by some miracle the most beautiful medieval town in south-eastern Europe. The journey in the wonderful ancient land routes may be self corresponding national roads DN13, DN14, DJ137, r...

Excursion Transfagarasan

Posted on July 07, 2011
Excursion Transfagarasan Do you like what you see? I somehow put the following questions: where is it? How can we reach? Worth so much interest? As a simple tourist who wandered these lands you say YES worth every minute spent in this beautiful area, it pays to look in your eyes truly every blade of grass, every ridge, every corner of nature that warms your heart joy, and if you can even get...