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Posted on January 22, 2015

Here are some of our tips to travel cheap! Hopefully some will come in handy one day, who knows!

1. The obvious way: travel on budget airlines- although the phrase “you get what you pay for” many time applies to these, but they get you where you need to go, so why pay more?

2. TRIPADVISOR: book the hotel after first reviewing it on This website is absolutely essential to get the best value.

3.     HAGGLE. This obviously can only be done only in some countries. Just see the advertised price as a suggestion and you’ll probably end up paying half that amount; they love taking advantage of foreigners.

4.     Get a little bit of exercise – since it’s usually free and it’s good for you.Go on hikes and check out the natural beauty in every country. Walk places instead of taking cabs/buses and absorb your surroundings.

5.     Do a little bit of research. A lot of cities will have free festivals  or free museums entry. Research how far your hotel is from the airport and the best way to get there.

6.     Use public transportation or travel by bicycle  instead of travelling by car.

7.   Eat the local food. More often the most delicious, authentic food you will find it is at locals. And also the cheapest.

8. Don’t check luggage. Learn what the essentials are to you, there is no need to carry heavy luggage when in holiday!

9. Pay attention to exchange rates before you go to that country. Don’t exchange money at airports!  Try to get good rates on different currencies before travelling to a particular country.

10. How to get all of your stuff back home: sending a package but this can be pricey, or check in luggage? This is tricky, but most of the travellers use to check in additional luggage, rather then send it by post. The reason: they will have their stuffs at home the same time, instead of waiting for weeks for the luggage to be delivered at home.