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What does Romania offer to the world?

Posted on November 29, 2010

First of all... this would be a great question for you all, our clients, past, present and future to answer.

Why do you come to Romania? Some will answer just for the fun of it, others for their family, business, their lover :), everybody has got a reason. It would be great it you could share it to the world, so, we, Romanians, could realize the amount of reasons that manage to attract foreigners here.

I have a good reason for which I started to ask myself this question. Working everyday with foreigners, I just saw in them the need for money, no offense! They are investors here, so they have the right to think only of money. But, like in every field, activity, every day life, you realize that there are also exceptions.

I had the luck, the opportunity of meeting some fine investors, that came to inspect their "little" affair here, in the center of the country. We are talking about grown up men with fortune, with life experience that arrived here after 3 years, and I was there to hear their opinion on us: meaning our people, our culture, our beautiful sights, just about everything.

Because, a big part of Romanians have moved into all Europe, built a new life there, of course, being noticed by the foreigners most likely from a negative side, I was prepared to hear all kind of awful stories, as you are used to hear on TV. In a surprising way, after having a long talk with them, I realized that a foreigner's opinion can also be positive.

Let's here their happy thoughts on some of us, I would like to think that this is our country's majority:

- the will of being noticed through hard work,  sacrifice, devotion, desire of independence

- their feeling that we, Romanians, are sincere, honest and always on time

- and...last but not least, our big heart and uncommon hospitality

It was nice to hear that in the house of one of these guys, was working a Romanian mother, that had left her home and family to work hard in another country, alone, and far away from home. This guy had all the trust in the world in this woman that was only in charge of his house cleaning and shopping. He talked to me in a beautiful way, that made me see that our work is being valued, not many times in life, but it is enough once, but in such way.

Let's not talk about the fact that he was extremely disappointed that his kids, that grew up in feathers and comfort, will not know what it feels like to have the feeling of succeeding in life by yourself.  Wisdom words from his part: "I would have preferred them to work hard in order to gain their living and see them grow up grateful and happy that they have made it through hard times but great in the end". This was what he had saw here, the will to succeed, even if everything stands in your way. has no point going on on this theme, he made me saw that there is hope for us, the young generation. Of course, they were excited in getting to know the north of our country, its beautiful and unstained civilisation, the monasteries and the culture.

A gift like a national costume, with "catrinta", "opinci", "ie" and "fote", has moved a man that has it all, in an unimaginable way.

We have all that it takes to succeed, to call the foreigners troops to come visit us, because even if our economy is poor, we are spiritually very rich!

Let me hear your answers, of course, while you are looking for a great car on our website!

Discover Bucharest with a rented car from EuroCars Romania

Posted on November 09, 2010

Discover Bucharest with a car rental from EuroCars

» Bucharest is the city of many parks and gardens, surrounded by lakes and forests. During the 1930's its tree-lined boulevards and architecture gave it the nickname 'Little Paris'. Also is famous for its very intensive night life. Romanian people is a latin one and the romanians love to live.

» Usually the arrival location is Bucharest Otopeni International Airport or Bucharest Baneasa Airport.  To see much of Bucharest, the best solution is to rent a car with EuroCars, you can do that by internet the most common and cheap solution, in case you don't know our address: or you can pick up your car from airport. The transfer from airport to your hotel/pension/rental apartment in Bucharest with EastComfort center is taking approx. 30-45 min. After settling in your private hotel room, Bucharest is yours , and we are sure that you will see a new face totally different, showing the rapidly developing of Eastern Europe.

  • Bucharest's museums are for visitors a great attraction, especially the open air Village Museum (1936) in the Herastrau Park. Located in the heart of Bucharest, the museum represents for all Romanians and their foreign guests a sample of the Romanian spirit, a live image of the traditional village, a major expression of our natural art. It is an impressive ethnographic document and of social history. Also, you should not miss the National History Museum, the National Arts Museum and the "Grigore Antipa" Natural History Museum.

  • The Museum of The Romanian Peasant is part of the large family of European Museums for Folk Arts and Traditions. Owner of an impressive collection of objects, even if otherwise poor - as far as the financia point of viewl, the Museum of The Romanian Peasant in spite of all these, has managed to put in practice a special type of museology. The original poetics developped in relation to the object was certain one of the reason why the Museum was awarded the EMYA - European Museum of the Year Award.

  • Nicolae Ceausescu create his "Civic Centre", the center piece of which was a building of monumental proportions - the "House of the People", now the Palace of Parliament.With a total surface aria of 265,000 sq. m., it is the biggest in Europe and the second biggest in the world, after the Pentagon.

  • Bucharest is a true "green capital" of Europe, Bucharest has many verdant oases, such as Cismigiu Park (arranged by Viennese architect F. Meyer), Herastrau Park (on the banks of the lake with the same name, a pleasant spot for recreation and water sports), Carol Park and The Botanical Garden.

Eating & Drinking

  • Food in Romania is very good and cheap if you compare to western prices. It seems expansive for local standard of living. Although international cuisine is available in better quality restaurants, make sure that you savour the local Romanian dishes. Typical Romanian specialities include a range of soup - "ciorba", bacon, potatoes and beef or chiken."

  • "Sarmale" is a spicy dish of bitter cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, and "Mititei" are small grill sausages perfumed with aromatic herbs. A range of excellent white and red Romanian wines of the famous vineyards of Cotnari, Murfatlar, Valea Calugareasca, Odobesti accompany local and international dishes to perfection.

Bucharest Surroundings

  • A short trip offers you the possibility to combine a short sightseeing tour of Bucharest with the surrounding beautiful landscape offered by Snagov Lake and forest embroidered with monasteries and palaces.You can cross Snagov Lake by boat up to an island where you can visit the Snagov Monastery.

Having fun

  • Bucharest offers many possibilities for a night full of fun. There are a lot of bars, night-clubs, casinos, cinemas and cabarets waiting for your choice. And that's not all, there is also a great variety of art exhibitions, concert halls, operas and theatres that would satisfy all tastes. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere in bars, restaurants and night clubs is welcoming, romanians are warm-hearted people who like to enjoy themselves. Why not join them and have fun?

  • - gambling in bucharest is big business, and it shows with the large amount of casinos some of them are in very beautiful historical buildings, and they often have genuinely good restaurants, open well into the early hours. The most attractive are the Casino Palace, incorporating the Casa Vernescu restaurant, in the Lens-Vernescu palace at Calea Victoriei 133, and the Victoria Casino - One of the older and better known casinos, which also has a dinner show. Gambling is available in both dollars and lei. Drinks are free, and there is no admission charge and Casino Bucharest near Hotel Intercontinental.

  • Clubs&Disco - Of all the wonderful things that Bucharest has to offer, nightlife is not the least of them. There is something for everyone in this town.Like most other things in Bucharest, you often have to travel to find what you really want. Twicehas an overall space of 1.500 sq.m, divided between two floors, each with its distinctive personality, nice music for dancing and drinkingSalsa You and Me - Head to Salsa You and Me for come-one-come-all Latin grooves. Club Maxx is a huge disco popular with the local students. Don't get seperated from your friends you will struggle to find them again. Be prepared for the raunchy shows on the podiums, male and female!

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