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What does Romania offer to the world?

Posted on November 29, 2010

First of all... this would be a great question for you all, our clients, past, present and future to answer.

Why do you come to Romania? Some will answer just for the fun of it, others for their family, business, their lover :), everybody has got a reason. It would be great it you could share it to the world, so, we, Romanians, could realize the amount of reasons that manage to attract foreigners here.

I have a good reason for which I started to ask myself this question. Working everyday with foreigners, I just saw in them the need for money, no offense! They are investors here, so they have the right to think only of money. But, like in every field, activity, every day life, you realize that there are also exceptions.

I had the luck, the opportunity of meeting some fine investors, that came to inspect their "little" affair here, in the center of the country. We are talking about grown up men with fortune, with life experience that arrived here after 3 years, and I was there to hear their opinion on us: meaning our people, our culture, our beautiful sights, just about everything.

Because, a big part of Romanians have moved into all Europe, built a new life there, of course, being noticed by the foreigners most likely from a negative side, I was prepared to hear all kind of awful stories, as you are used to hear on TV. In a surprising way, after having a long talk with them, I realized that a foreigner's opinion can also be positive.

Let's here their happy thoughts on some of us, I would like to think that this is our country's majority:

- the will of being noticed through hard work,  sacrifice, devotion, desire of independence

- their feeling that we, Romanians, are sincere, honest and always on time

- and...last but not least, our big heart and uncommon hospitality

It was nice to hear that in the house of one of these guys, was working a Romanian mother, that had left her home and family to work hard in another country, alone, and far away from home. This guy had all the trust in the world in this woman that was only in charge of his house cleaning and shopping. He talked to me in a beautiful way, that made me see that our work is being valued, not many times in life, but it is enough once, but in such way.

Let's not talk about the fact that he was extremely disappointed that his kids, that grew up in feathers and comfort, will not know what it feels like to have the feeling of succeeding in life by yourself.  Wisdom words from his part: "I would have preferred them to work hard in order to gain their living and see them grow up grateful and happy that they have made it through hard times but great in the end". This was what he had saw here, the will to succeed, even if everything stands in your way. has no point going on on this theme, he made me saw that there is hope for us, the young generation. Of course, they were excited in getting to know the north of our country, its beautiful and unstained civilisation, the monasteries and the culture.

A gift like a national costume, with "catrinta", "opinci", "ie" and "fote", has moved a man that has it all, in an unimaginable way.

We have all that it takes to succeed, to call the foreigners troops to come visit us, because even if our economy is poor, we are spiritually very rich!

Let me hear your answers, of course, while you are looking for a great car on our website!

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