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Latest inventions in the car industry - Continental Sensor System in the new VOLVO XC60 / S60

Posted on July 26, 2010

Imagine a Sunday without Top Gear show on Discovery channel...a PERFECT one! in my case :) Being almost forced to watch this show every time it's on this channel, I realised that I might also find out interesting things, that can increase my knowledge in this ever stunning domain...of CARS! Because this time, I found out a very spicy detail on one of the most famous car brands in the world and also most secure, I believe I can also share to you, our EuroCars' friends.

So, let me tell you about this Continental Sensor System in the new VOLVO XC60. Fancy name :) Let's get serious, and talk about real facts. You might not be surprised to find out that the risk of rear-end collisions is particularly great in city traffic with its constant alternation between braking and accelerating. True! A number of 75 % of the accidents recorded by the police occur at speeds below 30 km/h. It is precisely at these speeds, in slow-moving or “stop and go” traffic, that this sensor system, developed and manufactured by Continental around the Closing Velocity (CV) sensor, reduces the risk of a rear-end collision.

How does it work? Fitted level with the inside mirror in the area cleaned by the windshield wiper, the sensor uses three infrared beams to probe the road up to some six meters in front of the vehicle. In this case, the sensor picks up vehicles which are stationary or traveling in the same direction. If the gap is less than the distance which must be regarded as critical at the current speed, the system causes the brakes to be applied automatically. Pretty clever, huh?

Theoretically, if the maximum speed differential between the vehicles would be of 15 km/h, a rear-end collision would be avoided in most cases. And, at greater relative speeds, the severity of the impact would be considerably minimised. At the same time, the City Safety system optimizes occupant protection by providing additional data to the airbag control unit and triggering the restraint systems as required. Like the front and side airbag initiation sensors, this is also a Continental product.

All clear until now. But let's see what happens when the theory is put into practice. Just today, when I was looking for additional information about this innovating system that had really got me started into promoting this cool stuff from Volvo, I came across an article that totally changed my opinion in this aspect.

Let's see how, at a media event in Sweden, the Swedish manufacturer chooses to show off its latest technology: the new collision detection system on the S60.  Because the theory you already know it: the sensors in the car detect obstacles in the road ahead, applying the brakes to slow or even stop the car before a big crunchy mess occurs.

As you can well see was not a success. What did Volvo said about it? The blame in the failure of the technology was a battery issue which, would have been easily spotted by a human driver. Of course, as they claimed, the collision detection system had also worked perfectly several times before the crash.

Maybe the sensors have failed, but as we can see, if there had been a driver in the driver's seat, he would have been in safety, because the S60's crash structures were effective.

Must recognise that it was a surprise, but still believe that Volvo can put it together, because the safest cars in the world still belong to this Swedish brand!

Calitatea serviciilor de inchirieri masini/rent a car in Romania

Posted on July 22, 2010

Inchirieri masini, rent a car, inchirieri auto, in orice fel ar fi formulat... ideea este una! piata este plina de companii rent a car care te impresioneaza prin preturi cat mai mici si conditii de inchiriere care ar impulsiona pe oricine sa inchirieze o masina chiar si pentru cateva ore.

De retinut! cu cat o companie pare mai atragatoare prin conditii extraodinar de favorabile pentru client, cand aceasta nu solicita garantie pentru inchirierea unei masini, si nu implica un contract serios de inchiriere, va puteti trezi cu "mici" surprize care va pot strica intreaga vacanta pe care ati planuit-o.

Nu este de mirare, ca in orice domeniu, sa existe companii "fantoma", care tin doar sa insele clientii, prin castiguri imediate, si "jafuri" directe la buzunarele acestora, si apoi sa dispara fara urma, lasandu-i pe acestia nedespagubiti si cu un gust amar in urma experientei traite.

Fiti precauti in alegerile pe care le faceti! Cativa euro in plus va pot salva de la dezastru.  Seriozitatea de care dau dovada anumite companii poate fi usor probata de dvs. prin solicitarea mai multor oferte de la diferite companii. In momentul in care primiti oferta, primiti si cateva conditii absolut esentiale pentru inchirierea pe care urmeaza sa o realizati.  In mainile dvs.  sta decizia catre o anumita companie prestatoare de servicii inchiriere auto, aceasta fiind responsabila de calitatea masinii inchiriate, si de disponibilitatea acesteia de a va ajuta in caz de nevoie.

Automat, in momentul in care oferta poate parea chiar ireala, apare si semnul de intrebare:  Cat de serioasa este aceasta? Aici intervine parerea dvs. cu privire la modul in care se prezinta societatea on-line, la diferitele pareri pe care le au fosti clienti ai acesteia despre ea, si bineinteles la modul in care va sunt prezentate serviciile oferite. Transparenta si sinceritatea sunt principalele atribute ale unei companii serioase.

Ce inseamna solicitarea unei garantii pentru inchirierea unei masini? Inseamna ca responsabilitatea dvs. maxima in caz de accident provocat sau nu de dvs.., consta in suma maxima a garantiei, si nimic mai mult. Daca sunteti de acord cu garantia, automat nu puteti fi responsabil de mai mult decat aceasta suma asupra careia v-ati dat acordul de la inceputul inchirierii.

Daca nu va este solicitata garantia, cel mai probabil va este solicitata o taxa de responsabilitate zero (asigurare totala), care acopera eventualele cheltuieli ce pot aparea in urma unei daune a masinii inchiriate.

Daca nu va este solicitata nici una dintre aceste doua conditii deja mentionate, va recomandam sa verificati din nou credibilitatea companiei. Va puteti trezi cu clauze ascunse, de care veti fi responsabil numai dupa ce veti fi victima unui accident.

Castigul a unor euro in plus in urma consultarii anumitor oferte de pe piata, se poate transforma in pierderea a mai mult in cazul unor servicii proaste, unei masini de calitate inferioara si a unor conditii rigide de inchiriere.

Sfatul EuroCars: Informati-va pe cat posibil asupra seriozitatii diferitelor companii care "va fac cu ochiul" prin oferte imbatabile! :)

Tourism in Romania

Posted on July 08, 2010

Tourism in Romania...what can the foreigners you say about our beloved country? If we would pay attention to all the negative sides of our country "promoted" in the media, we would quickly realise that the country isn't, not in a 5% of its value, known by the tourists in its true value.

Yes, if you ask any foreigner where is Romania situated on the map, maybe they might indicate Asia or Africa, but this might be caused, also by the lack of knowledge on Geography, and not entirely by the fact that we are not well promoted out Romania's borders.

From my abroad experience, I can easily affirm that we, Romanians, are known due to several personalities that made history such as: Nadia Comaneci (first gymnast ever to have scored a clean 10 on a global competition), Nicolae Ceausescu (our Communist leader), Gica Hagi (football player) but rarely heard that Romania is known abroad due to its immense beauty of nature.

Fortunately, we can realise that tourism in our country is increasing and this can only be a good thing. Tourism in Romania focuses on the country's natural landscapes, the wilderness of the nature being still visible, and the country's rich history. We hear that the number of tourists is growing every year and that can only make us happy.

Because it's in our best interest to promote the country's real values, here are some unique places that you do not want to miss,  while your are driving a car maybe rented from EuroCars Rent A Car on your trip to Romania:

1. Danube Delta (Romanian: Delta Dunarii) is the second largest river delta in, after the Volga Delta, largest reserve of wet lands in Europe, and the best preserved of all from this continent. In 1990, UNESCO has included the Danube Delta, the newest form of relief from Romania, in the list of World Heritage Sites as biosphere reserve, mainly preserved because it is being kept far away from "the progress of industrialization".

2. The Transfagarasan road or road no. DN7C is the highest and most dramatic paved road in Romania.

Built as a strategic military route, the 90 km of twists and turns run North to South across the tallest sections of the Carpathians Mountains, between the highest peak in the country, Moldoveanu and the second highest, Negoiu.  The road is well known in the region of Transylvania, and connects the cities of Sibiu and Pitesti. In its top, you can eat, there are some good restaurants, we can advice the restaurant situated right next to the lake. Yes, there is also a lake there, it is called Bâlea Lake one of the few glacier lakes in the country, situated at 2,034 m of altitude in the Fagaras Mountains.

So, we have made an introduction on seaside and mountains, let us also present something related to our tradition and religion.

3. The Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in the village of Sapânta, Maramure? county, Romania. Maybe you wonder why it is merry...because it is famous for its colourful tombstones with naive paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, and sometimes real funny, the persons that are buried and also, in the same funny style, representative scenes from their lives. The Merry Cemetery became an open-air museum and a national tourist attraction. It is worth seeing it!

Découvrez la Roumanie en voiture - pas du tout cher!

Posted on June 24, 2010

Dans le passé, il y eut un temps où pour arriver en Roumanie et la visiter était une grande chose, à cause des restrictions (pays récemment sortie du régime communiste), et la bureaucratie demandait une dizaine de papiers, visas, vérifications, tout pour décourager les touristes d'y arriver. Car nous sommes déjà dans l'Union Européenne, tout est maintenant à la portée de la main et les frontières de la Roumanie sont ouvertes pour tous.

Un des bénéfices pour les européens de visiter la Roumanie est qu'au bout du volant vous pouvez découvrir tous les lieux importants du pays.  Au delà de ce fait, c’est pratique et pas cher de louer une voiture.  La Roumanie a beaucoup à offrir aux visiteurs français. Si vous êtes dans la quête des lieux inexplorés, des lieux encore méconnus, essayez de découvrir le patrimoine culturel impressionnant de notre pays. On parle d'une découverte des richesses culturelles et des beautés naturelles exceptionnelles qui singularisent ce pays, grâce à une location de voiture à prix bas chez EuroCars.

C'est le coeur de la Roumanie, la ville de Brasov, qui met à la disposition des touristes un vrai mélange de merveilleux paysages montagneux dans ses environs, tel Poiana Brasov et une belle histoire médiévale avec des influences allemandes dans la vieille ville.Brasov est l'une des plus visitées villes par les touristes. Au delà de Poiana Brasov (12 km à l'ouest) il y a aussi d'autres stations comme Predeal (27 km au sud), qui offrent également du tourisme sportif, rural, agro-touristique. Autres lieux et sites touristiques de la région: Bran, Moeciu, Rasnov, Fagaras, Prejmer, Zarnesti, Sambata (au pied des montagnes de Fagaras).  Toute une région parfaite pour être découverte en utilisant notre location de voiture Brasov.

Revenons en peu au tourisme d'affaires, la réputation de la capitale de la Roumanie, Bucarest, a changé un peu dans le temps et ne peut plus être appellé le Petit Paris, comme avant. La plus grande ville de la Roumanie, a traversé une considérable série de modifications, dévenant la capitale de la Roumanie en 1862 et a constamment consolidé sa position comme le centre des médias, de la culture et des arts. Son architecture éclectique est un mélange d'histoire (néo-classique), deux-guerres (Bauhaus et Art déco), de l'époque communiste et moderne. Dans la période comprise entre les deux guerres mondiales, l'architecture élégante de la ville et la sophistication de ses élites a surnommé Bucarest "Petit Paris de l'Est". Découvrez l'architecture de la capitale et son histoire dans votre voiture de location à Bucarest.

Toujours en Transylvanie, Cluj-Napoca attend ses visiteurs, en pleine silence de ses murs historiques et des gens accueillants. Trésor de l'architecture, vous trouverez ici le calme et l'esprit de la Transylvanie, célèbre et réflexive, et vous allez découvrir toutes les beautés antiques et modernes des alentours. Réputé dans le passé pour sa richesse et aussi connue comme "La Ville aux trésors", Cluj offre aujourd'hui un large éventail de possibilités de développement personnel et social, en raison de sa position géographique. Cette ville est toujours vive parce-que c'est une ville universitaire, il y a plein d'étudiants, et vous serez touchés de la beauté de ses jardins botaniques.Et bien, c'est belle la ville de Cluj! Et Cluj en voiture de location ça c'est encore plus, parce que ça vous permet de parcourir à volonté son immensité, et ses alentours. N'oubliez pas de faire du shopping, vous serez sûrement tentés!

Et donc, c'est sur que la Roumanie  va vous démontrer son immense beauté au long de votre voyage en location de voiture vraiment convenable en Roumanie!

Travel trips in Romania

Posted on June 14, 2010

Welcome to Romania! How about finding out some important tips about traveling in this country before actually arriving here? Of course these tips remain valid also for the ones that have already arrived!

Driving in Romania

First of all, basic rules: driver seat is on the left side of the car (UK drivers pay attention! :) ),  no cell phones while driving (hands free is allowed), driving with your lights on might help you to decrease the possibility of being stopped by the police, seat beld always on as for the driver and its passengers (pregnant women are exception to the rule).

Always make sure that you have signalized your intention to make a right or left with 50 m (in the city) and 100 m (outside the city) before actually making the maneuver. This helps your driving mates to see your intention and to avoid crashing into you.

Road tax: When you rent a car in Romania, please check that the rent a car company also provides you Rovigneta which proves that for the rented car, the road tax for driving inside Romania has been already paid. If not, you can buy this insurance from any gas station on your way. Attention! If you do not show this proof to the police, you will for sure have to pay a ticket of around 150 Euros.

Mamaia: If you are heading for the seaside, in Mamaia, you will have to pay upon every entry inside this seaside city a tax of 15 RON (about 3 Euros and 50 cents). This is paid only for the summer season 15 June - 15 September. You can always make a pass if you are forced to return every day here.


Cernavoda bridge: If you have to pass the Cernavoda bridge, on your way to Constanta or the seaside, please be aware that there is a tax of 10 Ron (about 2 Euros and 50 cents) for small vehicles. This is paid only once.


Speed limit: If you are a speed fan, please consider that in Romania these are the speed regulations: 50km/h in small villages, 60km/h in the city, 100km/h on country roads and 120km/h on national roads (marked as DN) and European roads (E), as well as highways (A).

If the police stops you when driving with more than 50 km/h over the legal speed, they can retain your driving license and for sure, you will also receive a ticket of about 50 Euros. And let us not talk about your safety which is the most important aspect of your trip to Romania. Drive safe and slow because the sights are beautiful and Romanian roads are not quite built to serve as tracks. Take a look at the this picture, what more can we say? You would wish to drive the car with 30 km/h in order to capture the immense beauty of this place, but be sure that if you drive like a snail, you will only hear swearing from the bottom to the top!


[caption id="attachment_27" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Transfagarasan Romania"][/caption]

Travel tips: As a foreign tourist you will have to put in your luggage right before leaving home several memory cards for your camera and lots and lots of batteries because you will be surprised to find out that the diversity of this country will offer you at every 5 minutes a different attraction that must be immortalized and well kept in your trip journal. Patience and a big empty stomach are the best travel advices: it takes patience and time to discover every corner of the amazing sights of the country, and an empty stomach with a bigger appetite in order to taste all the Eco products (if you are heading for the villages in Transilvania or Maramures as well as different other regions in the country), or rich meals with good wine, all made inside the household.

We could go on and on but it would be interesting to hear all the questions that might cross you mind!

EuroCars Rent A Car Loyalty Program

Posted on June 08, 2010

It is said that a customer of the house is always treated better than a usual one... You start to believe in this sentence every time you return in the same hotel where you have stayed last summer, or each time you talk to your trip advisor, and they seem to smile at you and serve you in the best way possible, because you have already made acquaintance, and they seem to already know your name and trip preferences.

Launched in the same time as the new image of our website, the EuroCars Loyalty Program grows each day bigger, because of you, our satisfied clients. So, why join our Program? This must be the question that a client that has rented once must ask itself. Even if you think that it is a singular time, your visit in Romania we mean, you might be surprised that Romania might call you here once again. This might be caused by work problems, or simply you might fall in love with our beautiful landscapes and good food. So, why do not register in our data base, and the next time you will need a car, your personal data will be directly generated by our Smart website?

Maybe you might think that our discounts are not that attractive, but please consider, that by registering on our website as a client, you will automatically receive a 2 % discount because that means that you have already become our Junior Member. Percentage by percentage, you will discover in the end that the discount is quite important, and most important of all, as already written in the "laws" of life, a usual customer gets a better treatment, the company being always there for him, for more than the usual questions. We can be proud to have clients that used our car renting services for more than 5 years. You can be sure, that for this client, our attitude towards him makes him come back to us over and over again. The attitude, availability, price and efficiency being the ingredients to a quality service.

Each client must know that we are always there for any car rental request, even if it is made by an already registered client or not.

Disadvantages? it is really simple... there aren't because this Loyalty Program only offers you advantages. Just steal 3 minutes from your time to fill in the basic form with your name, email address and a password, and you will automatically receive the register confirmation.

Why not share with you some opinions of our clients? Here there are a few:

- "Hi, we were more than happy with your services and we would rent from your company again. Also I would recommend your company to anyone. Once again thank you for the good experience I had with your services."

Daniel & Suzy

-" Thank you (as always)! also because you have seen that there was a mistake with the payment and returned back my money. Thank you very much."


We have explained the main tactic and procedure of the register process and its benefits. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the free service that we offer

Give yourself the luxury of enjoying a quick and efficient service, especially created for our past, present and future clients!

EuroCars Rent A Car Romania

How to Rent a Car with EuroCars

Posted on March 17, 2010

Although EuroCars presents you with a variety of car rental services depending on your needs, hiring a car with EuroCars is done in just 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose your car rental location

This is a very important step needed to rent a car. Our car offers are different for each rental location. To find out the available cars and special offers, you must first select the city where you want to hire the car. From the EuroCars Rent A Car homepage you can either select the rental city from the search form or you can click it on the left to see the entire rental fleet.

Step 2: Select the rental period

In order to get the right price quote for the available cars, you must select the rental and return dates. The price per day of a car depends on the total number of rental days. You can fill in both dates in the search form on our homepage and press the search button. You can also select or change the date by using the date fields above the rental fleet on the city page.

Step 3: Choose your desired car

After you have selected the rental location and the desired rental period, you will be presented with the list of available cars. Choose the car according to your likes or needs and click on the corresponding more info button to see the details of the selected car. If you are not comfortable with your choice or if you want to see the details of a different car, you can click your browser's back button.

Step 4: Book your desired car

Once you have selected the desired car for rent you can click on the book now button on the car details page and you will be taken to a booking form. Here you can select extra rental options and specify additional information. Fill in your personal details at the bottom and click on make reservation. That's it!

We hope this information will help you to rent a car with EuroCars.

Planning a Vacation - Travel to Brasov

Posted on March 08, 2010

One thing that usually gives headaches about planning a vacation is: where to go? The answer to that question depends on your leisure and what you like to do during your vacation. There are many places to go, all of them having their own beautiful parts, the only thing that a travel blog can do is give you ideas.

Considering the many advantages offered, we can suggest Brasov as a starting point for your vacation. Brasov is located almost in the center of Romania and has lots to offer either on its own, as well as by the great access it provides to nearby attractions by car rental, by foot or by bike.

So what can I do in Brasov?

There's a lot of places to see in Brasov, and especially in the historical part of the city, while the nature itself has a big impact on the surroundings, giving the city an old yet refreshing feeling. As some people say, "Why bother coming to Romania if you're not going to see Brasov?" Of the greatest attractions, often marked as "not to be missed", is the Old Town featuring medieval buildings in different architectural styles. The center point is the Council Square (Piata Sfatului) and the Black Church in the vicinity, the largest gothic church in Romania.

Another feature of Brasov is that the vacations here benefit from good access to reknown attractions around the city, the most important being the Poiana Brasov resort especially famous during winter, but not only. On the not to be missed list should also be the Rasnov town and fortress 30 km away, or the Bran Castle, also called Dracula's Castle.

How can I get to Brasov?

Unfortunately, Brasov does not have an airport yet, although plans for one do exist. The closest airport is the Bucharest Otopeni Airport, where you can hire a Bucharest - Brasov transfer service. It only takes 3 hours by car. Another way to arrive to Brasov is by train, but that leaves you walking with your luggage on your back, although you could rent a car Brasov from EuroCars for affordable prices, enjoying a really comfortable vacation.

You can find more detailed touristic information on our About Brasov page.

About the EuroCars Rent a car Blog

Posted on March 02, 2010

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