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Brasov Trip

Posted on June 29, 2012

Sightseeing tour in Romania the car rental service


Every year we think of a destination that I want to visit, make plans, calculate and budget times, we forget to ask and children if they disagreed with our choice. Some of us choose to travel by train or plane to reduce the time spent on the road, but lost sight of some more important issues.

 Rent a car / rent a car services

First buy four tickets or more up too much travel and so will be to give up other things. The best way to travel with children would be renting a car or rent a minibus.

Even if traveling by car is quite demanding for both adults and children, remain precious memories such as hum some songs together, we can stop during the trip and see some scenery.  Children will be delighted to see a roadside Sheperd with sheep, or a field full of sun flowers and many other things.

Before starting the journey is better to make some preparations. One of them would be to choose the destination and the exact time when we want to go. Then we draw a map, here we can ask help children so they will still love her can watch and track. Luggage and prepare them together, they will be able to give their preferences, to choose their favorite games, toys and all that would make the trip more comfortable.

To make it easier I'll give an example of a route that a family with two children could follow him and in which children, but only they would have learned.

Our journey will begin in Cluj, a brief visit by SibiuSighisoara and Brasov will be the final destination.


First, after I set the destination and departure days will have to look for a place to stay. If the journey will take five days, and one of the nights we spent in Sibiu, Sighisoara and the other, you'd better watch what deals are.

If we make reservations for one of the pensions in Sibiu or hotels in town, you might want to follow and offer discounts or special offers site. If you over looked this and remember only a few days before, there is nothing. We have a chance following offers last minute.

Booking for accommodation is made, luggage ready, perfectly healthy children, and all are eager to hit the road.

Day 1:

We rented the car from Eurocars Cluj, we can ask and child car seat, or DVD player, and certainly anything that we would bring the kids quiet. While we can lead them to watch their favorite cartoon or movie for older kids. It would be advisable to have at hand for car sickness medications or can ask doctor to administer them before the trip, as a precaution.

Hit the road, enthusiastic and always the question in mind: "I got?".

Among the objectives that we could meet during our trip I could tell Cheile Turzii, which will be our little ones observed and passengers. Of course over time will be much more to see.

Once in Sibiu, after I rented a room at a hotels in Sibiu, we can start exploring the city. Everything to be perfect we start with the zoo, which is found in the Astra Museum. Large mills, carts old, rudimentary shelters, clean air and archaic world will lead children in a fairytale land. It is impossible not you love, it's all so fascinating.  And as far back to be not too sudden, walking among the lions, leopards, monkeys, deer, bears and all other creatures will be wonderful. Do not forget to capture these wonderful moments with your children.

After such a busy day, abundant and tasty meal, and then one day sleep will end in a good note.

Day 2:

We start out again, this time our destination will be Sighisoara. How could we pass her? The medieval city has so many things to show. City towers, such as the Clock Tower which houses the History Museum of Sibiu, churches, museums, medieval houses, pupils will complete general education scale both parents and children. If and Medieval Festival period, then make sure that children will want to be princesses or knights. Realm of fairy tale continues.

We find a room for rent in pension Casa cu Cerb, if not already have something booked.

Day 3:

May feel fatigue of two days, but what I have seen so far will be a good opportunity to talk with children. So we know better what has delighted most, what they want to review what they learned new and others.

Arrived in Brasov, we can start a little walk through downtown to stretch our legs. We can visit the Black Church Square and then to climb up on Tampa, where we can admire the entire city.

Around Brasov are many other sights, but the next day will be proper for them to find.

Day 4:

First we go to visit in Poiana Brasov, where we could ascend by cable car to Peak  Postavaru or Peak Cristianu Mare. From here we head to Rasnov where we will see the Dacians and Romans, the soldiers of World War I and we can find the fountain legend.

Then Bran Castle will be eager to show us his rooms, where once lived the Queen Mary. Sandman makes his presence felt as well so we headed to the hotels in Brasov.

Day 5:

Our journey is drawing to an end, and we start off, this time home. Excited but also disappointed that it's over so quickly. Children will dream of what they saw, we will be happy that everything ended well and we will bring joy remember these moments minutes spent with children.

Romania has so much to show and to offer, but if we do not show our children, who will?


7 days of relaxation in Moldova

Posted on September 11, 2011

A dream vacantion in MOLDOVA, Romania

Who would refuse a holiday or just a few days of relaxation especially when summer comes?

Welcome to Romania! - A country born of  legend, with a diversity of unique landscapes , crossed by Danube,  flooded  by  Black Sea coast, linked with the Carpathian Mountains and unified by  Danube Delta.

Romania is located in Southeast Central  Europe,  bordering the North East  with Republic of Ukraine, with Hungary to the west,  south-west with Serbia,  South  with  Bulgaria and South-East with Black Sea. Even if this is a small country, destinations are range:  from medieval cities and fortifications in Transylvania, Maramures with wooden churches and well-preserved ancient traditions, the Black Sea and Danube Delta in Dobrogea , not lacking Monasteries of  Moldova.

Region Moldova is situated in the northwest of  Romania,  being  famous for the legendary hospitality and warmth offered to tourists. Moldova is well known in terms of tourist attractions, museums, memorial houses, churches and monasteries, historical monuments and natural reserves.

Our agency provides you with an offer consists of  6 nights accommodation, airport transfers, hostel, airport, inland freight car, entrances to national parks, local guides throughout the holidays, English speaking guide, Romanian singer.

Duration: 7 days - 6 nights

Route: Iasi - Piatra Neamt - Bicaz - Red Lake – Izvorul Muntelui - Targu Neamt – Iasi

Departure will be from Iasi Airport to Piatra Neamt where you will be greeted with a cocktail reception at  the guesthouse Ianis. We will do a panoramic tour of Piatra Neamt until dinner.

The next day, after breakfast, we start with a trip by visiting the Royal Court, Royal Cathedral, Museum of Ethnography, Wood Synagogue, the Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of Art, the Statue of Prince Stephen the Great. Lunch. Telegondola (admiring the city and surroundings in height), the Youth Theatre(show). Dinner.

Third day: Breakfast. We started hiking with  the dam Bicaz,  The Bicaz Gorges,  Red Lake. Lunch. The Bicaz Gorges-Hasmas Mountain National  Park.  Senin accommodation. Dinner.

Fourth day :  Breakfast. Will continue with the massive Ceahl?u, one of the most important tourist attractions in Neamt  and the Dur?u resort. Lunch. On route to climb Mount Ceahl?u  we can admire the waterfall Duruitoarea  with an impressive stream of water and deafening noise.  Accommodation at Alpine. Dinner.

Fifth  day: Breakfast. We start with  Ceahl?u National Park which includes protected areas: scientific reserve "Ocolasul Great, natural botanical Reserve 'Policy Lilies" natural monuments "Duruitoarea watherfall" and "Great pit" , National Park has a wide range of natural, cultural and historical values, follows  Sihastria monastery ,  Secu Monastery with a rich and valuable collection of liturgical objects, old icons and the Epitaph decorated with  pearls  and precious stones, V?ratec Monastery, Agapia  Monastery located in a picturesque area marvel rare and where you can admire Mount Muncelu, Big Hill and Cross Hill. The trip ends with visits of Hermitage Sihla under  a cluster of rocks,  where spring up  two wooden church, testifying to the Moldavian style. Accommodation at Aristocratis. Dinner.

Sixth day: Breakfast. Visit the Neamt Citadel, medieval monument of exceptional value, closely related  to local history. Go to Neamt Monastery located in a valley meadow Nemtisor river. The monastery offers free meals.  The next destination  is “Zimbr?ria  Dragos Voda”  being one of the most popular attractions where an animal has disappeared from Romania was reintroduced in the circuit: bison. Accommodation at Aristocratis. Dinner.

On the last day, after breakfast  will visit the "Ion Creanga Memorial House “ house where was born and raised  Ion Creanga  is one of the most visited memorial museums , “Mihail Sadoveanu Memorial House” ,  “Visarion Puiu Museum” and “Nicolae Popa House Museum”  from Târpe?ti, which was a popular creator of masks, became known nationally and European.  Last destination  is “Hanul Ancutei”  which  dates from the eighteenth century, remains a charming place of rest and spiritual delight for travelers. Lunch. Check out the Iasi airport.

made by Calugaru Laura - Faculty of Food and Tourism Brasov

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Why should visit Sibiu?

Posted on May 23, 2011

Why should visit Sibiu?

Romania is the land where all relief forms are tied harmoniously: from imposing mountains to the seaside of the Black Sea, from hills and abundantly plains to the Danube delta…not for nothing the country is called “The Land of Choice” in the new touristic slogan.

Although, for the moment, we don’t excel at the infrastucture chapter, any touristic activity will be taken again, because the Romanian tourism is focused pre-eminently above all, on the natural landscapes and amply history.

As a location where to spend your vacation, I would strongly recommend you Sibiu, maybe the well-known city of the country on international plan, thanks to the title of “international cultural capital”, achieved in 2007, beside Louxembourg. This is the indisputable proof  that our country can be proud, both on culture and tourism’s plan.

How to reach  the destination

In terms of transport to Sibiu, there are a lot of options. If you come from Romania or abroad, and you don’t want to waste your time on the road, you have the airplane option: Sibiu’s International Airport is located 5km West from the town, with direct access on the E81 highway.

Through it, direct links are ensured with intern airports ( Bucuresti, Targu Mures, Timisoara) and also international: Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Moldavia and Italy.

If you fall into the bohemian type and you are eager for a closer view of the landscape that our country has to offer you have train’s option, which will allow you to save some money and use them for other activities.

For those who cannot separate from the automobile, going by your own car (or a rented one, Rent a Car in Sibiu with EuroCars is very well developed, renting can be made abroad also) is a safe option. European roads passing through Sibiu are E 68 (Arad - Sibiu - Brasov) and E 81 (Cluj - Sibiu - Pitesti - Bucharest). Not even parking lots will be able to overshadow your stay thanks to the 80 locations equipped with a total of 5051 parking spaces.

Regarding housing, the supply is extremely varied, considering the fact that the tradition of hospitality in Sibiu is the oldest in Romania, the first hotel being certified since 1555. It remains up to you to choose the category (comfort level), framing (apartment, cottage, camping, pensions in Sibiu, hotels in Sibiu, motel or guesthouse) and location, and bids will not disappoint you.

In the “must see” category:

- the museums (Sibiu was the cultural capital with a reason): Brukenthal National Museum, Astra National Museum Complex, Evangelical Church Museum, Steam Locomotives Museum.

- Churches: The Orthodox Cathedral, The Evangelical Church, The Catholic Church, The Ursuline Church, The Franciscan Church, The Church of the pit, The Church Of the trees, The Reformed Church, Church of St. Johannis, St. Elizabeth, St. Luke's Church, Church Asylum Cross Chapel, Synagogue;

-  the historic center: historical three markets: Large Square, Small Square, Huet Square, Defensive Towers, The walls of the Citadel;

- recreational areas: Sub Arini Park, Astra Park, Grove Nature Park, Sibiu Zoo (the first zoo in Romania), and for audiophiles is necessarily recommended concert of the  Philharmonic State of Sibiu.


In terms of cuisine, traditional cuisine from this part of the country was influenced by German and Hungarian population. Therefore, in Sibiu are preferred poultry and beef soups with semolina or flour dumplings, homemade noodles, soups meal, cumin or tomatoes soups.

In Sibiu is located the oldest restaurant on the actual territory of Romania, "The Gold Barrel" which is located in the same building in the Stairs Passage since XVI century.

Sibiu offers many options for dining: from selected restaurants to fast food and pizza, it depends  only on the mood you are in.

You have only two things to set: the date and the way in which you want to travel, because Sibiu is eager of tourists to whom showing off his wealth.

Whether you are a fan of hiking or cultural trips or you are simply passing through, Sibiu will make you want to come back anytime!

Romania? Brasov?

Posted on April 20, 2011

Brasov, Romania

Imagine, if you can , that you are going to visit a place or a town in Romania but you are ot sure about what it is like. Related to this problem , I will give you a helping hand to find all the information you need.

Let’s say that you decide to visit Brasov for a week !

Now, let’s see what your options are concerning transport, food, accommodation in Brasov, sights places and entertainment .

The way to travel

First you must choose to travel. You can travel by own car but you should know that usually up in Brasov, you will take many hours of walking, or you can rent a car in Brasov with EuroCars Romania.

Or if you come with friends, rent a minibus with driver, who will escape the worries of driving. You can also come by plane, landing in Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Bucharest Baneasa Airport and Sibiu Airport, and the best choice is to go to the airport by train in 3 hours and you're in Brasov.

At the same time you can travel by train, but this seems a very tedious way.


Secondly, in Brasov you can easy find a place to stay over night.There are a lot of hotels in Brasov, flats, studios to rent or to host with a family.The old center of Brasov hostels are also a good option because at least gives you a breakfast.

As a suggestion we recommend you pre book a hotel room, so you will get rid of care and will enjoy visiting the city without wasting time.

So the food and the place where to stay is your last worry because in Brasov accommodation is not expensive and the conditions are good. I suggest you to host in a guest house or family hotel because you can establish a program without talk into account the meal hours. And you will never be hungry in town because the food specialities are very delicious and the prices are acceptable.

Point of interest

Thirdly, in our town I assure you that you will never feel bored because there are a lot of places to visit and a lot of entertainment everywere you look. You can spend your time visitng some touristical places, you can practice some sports in Poiana Brasov , you can visit Bran  and see Dracula Castel, The Black Church or you can simply have a walk in the old town and admire the buildings. You can take in a concert or go drink something in a pub.

And if the pictures have not convinced you, maybe you'll be able to convince movie.

In conclusion, I hope I have helped you and you will come to visit Brasov because you have nothing to lose and it’s a perfect holiday place to go, and a week here is not expensive. In my opinion is the perfect place to spend fine because you have what to learn from such a trip.

Hope to see some pictures with you in Brasov!

Sinaia, town story

Posted on March 29, 2011

Sinaia, town story

Ever since you came to the outskirts of town, where the royal train greets an old locomotive still stationed reminiscent of centuries long past the ‘pungency maximum‘ was 60 km / h as written on the locomotive.

Royal Station, a small station and gallivant still welcome at the entrance to the royal symbol, the wings of an eagle. Arrived here and admire you more Sinaia and halt the miniature model inside the station and the smallest detail from Sinaia. Ms. welcomes tourists who will delight the little ones asking her to look for birds, young people in the park, people who play, fire truck, sheep and many others that will delight even the big ones discovered so many details in the model.

Not far from the station you can already think you are in one city from another era, recalling Ghica Park XVII, XVIII.  A walk in the park, decorated with great attention to detail, with Palace Hotel and Casino Hotel Caraiman your life will shape the image of a royal ... Park-green casino architecture and for the other buildings still whisper of Carol walks with the family.

And because a city can be discovered more comfortable with the car, I recommend renting a car or minibus with EuroCars. You will find a way through in the forest and will guide your steps towards the holy shrine of the Sinai monastery. Holy shrine shelters plenty of history and if you have the opportunity to hear a teacher telling about the monastery will be fascinated, but outside of history remains a place to stay with the holy spirit to pray and not to admire the sight.

Along the same road you will encounter some troubadours who sing your tunes and famous before long you will remain dumbfounded seeing the grandeur of Peles Castle. While you will be hard, better visit the castle began Pelisor. Beyond all the information that you will give your guide, you will create Pelisor image of a castle with 99 rooms where Queen Mary has left a mark of royal life.

After you look delighted Pelisorul will amaze Peles. It creates the impression of a modest castle, beautiful trees that surround him hide his greatness. Arriving in the courtyard of the palace you really believe that Sinaia is a royal city. Grandeur castle from the entrance courtyard, statues are well preserved as evidence, but the interior of the 160 rooms will surely amaze. Detach yourself from what you will guide nice story from each camera, however you will retain only a few architectural styles and several rooms which were important figures such as George Enescu. Here art detail is always present you will need days to see every detail in every room, but beyond greatness castle rooms that depict the unique and luxurious like in 1883, is so well preserved that you will feel you are visiting Carol and looking into the castle, but he is much in his room by climbing on his secret entrances, and the Queen Mary expect to find in a small cinema palace. I talk a lot about the castle, but insignificant words are all he can say besides this castle...

If you think you have seen everything you got remember that visit and George Enescu Memorial House, Tower - slightly above the Pelisor and last but not least Caroli Avenue downtown, where hotels are per square inch, or you can walk around town with little tourist train.

For those passionate natures more than the history, Sinaia offers: ski trails, mountain roads furnished, and cable cars that climb up the quota in 2000.

If  I was amazed from watch man can do, how much art created , reached at  the mountain vastness I am  amazed by how many and how offer pure nature and wild landscape in ours named Romania ... the mighty mountains spring up everywhere, a fresh green trees make you want to stay in the vastness of the landscape that makes you a city story, Sinaia.


Useful Information...


About transmission

As the access roads and railways remain Sinaia road DN1 road, and some information about possible means of transportation you can find below...

Minibus :  L-M-M-J-V-S-D Bucuresti - 06:00, Sinaia - 08:33,


Accelerat  Bucuresti Nord - Sinaia  6:08 - 8:09 02h 01m

Rapid         Bucuresti Nord -Sinaia  8:40 -  10:52 02h 12m

Rapid          Bucuresti Nord -Sinaia 14:05 - 16:13 02h 08m

You can rent a car calling  : +4 0724  90 5000 or  +4 021 232 52 66


A small tourist map does not hurt anyone.

About accommodation

Hotel Palace****

Octavian Goga Street, number.4, Location  Sinaia, district Prahova ,106100, Romania

Tel: 0040-244.312.052 / 0040-244.311.542

Fax: 0040-244.311.542 / 0040-244.310.625

Mobil: 0040-741.090.000


About Tarif accommodation for two persons / one night:

double room      € 100.00

studio                €134.00

apartment          €146.00

Pension  Casa noastra **


Accommodation Bookings:

tel. fax :   0244.314 556

tel. mob.: 0745.655 895

tel. mob.: 0735.843 550

Restaurant bookings:

tel. mob.: 0732/513151

Organizing special events:

tel. mob. 0724/246979


Address: Bulevardul Republicii, nr. 9


COD 106100


Accommodation charge:

- double room starts at 60 lei/day;

- triple room starts a 80 lei/day;


Pension Alex


Room TypePers.Pret de laMoneda
Double room Matrimonial280RON
1 Bedroom Apartment3100RON
2 Bedroom Apartment4160RON

Services offered - Alex Hotel Sinaia Restaurant Transylvanian cuisine.

Terrace of 150 seats.

Color TV with 41 + cable TV programs, including HBO.  Payment by credit card.


Fridge / mini bar in the room.

About the mountain

For those who want to go through several mountain rescue service roads may be available with information on hiking trails or to help in different situations, calls for that area would be useful members of mountain rescue mobile 0244 311 699 or 0726 686 791

For tourists who want to venture on the mountain must meet a minimum of rules:

  • respect nature because nature is a divine gift that we have;
  • before leaving the road, tell you about the routes proposed mountain, its difficulty level and try to find out how favorable it is time to go on the mountain;
  • keep personal data in a cottage there and inform staff on the route to be traveled;
  • do not leave one on the road, plus go in groups is much easier and fun;
  • leave the mountain only with proper equipment consists of cape, boots, flashlight and a first aid kit;
  • choose the route depending on the physical training of the younger group of friends or the weakest track ready to move mountains;
  • mountain path and follow the signs not only go through other routes that can be dangerous;
  • • If weather are not with you take cover time to the nearest cottage.


The opening hours of gondola in Sinaia:

Summer: Monday - Sunday 9.00 to 19.00, Tuesday 12.00 to 19.00.

Winter: Monday - Sunday 8.30 to 17.00, Tuesday 12.00-17.00.

Note: Every Tuesday between 8 and 12 is a review the gondola  and transport of the tourists are not allowed.


Cable Car Share 2000 Share 1400-Working Hours:

Winter: Monday - Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Summer: Monday - Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

REVISION: Monday 8:00 to 12:00.


Discover Bucharest with a rented car from EuroCars Romania

Posted on November 09, 2010

Discover Bucharest with a car rental from EuroCars

» Bucharest is the city of many parks and gardens, surrounded by lakes and forests. During the 1930's its tree-lined boulevards and architecture gave it the nickname 'Little Paris'. Also is famous for its very intensive night life. Romanian people is a latin one and the romanians love to live.

» Usually the arrival location is Bucharest Otopeni International Airport or Bucharest Baneasa Airport.  To see much of Bucharest, the best solution is to rent a car with EuroCars, you can do that by internet the most common and cheap solution, in case you don't know our address: or you can pick up your car from airport. The transfer from airport to your hotel/pension/rental apartment in Bucharest with EastComfort center is taking approx. 30-45 min. After settling in your private hotel room, Bucharest is yours , and we are sure that you will see a new face totally different, showing the rapidly developing of Eastern Europe.

  • Bucharest's museums are for visitors a great attraction, especially the open air Village Museum (1936) in the Herastrau Park. Located in the heart of Bucharest, the museum represents for all Romanians and their foreign guests a sample of the Romanian spirit, a live image of the traditional village, a major expression of our natural art. It is an impressive ethnographic document and of social history. Also, you should not miss the National History Museum, the National Arts Museum and the "Grigore Antipa" Natural History Museum.

  • The Museum of The Romanian Peasant is part of the large family of European Museums for Folk Arts and Traditions. Owner of an impressive collection of objects, even if otherwise poor - as far as the financia point of viewl, the Museum of The Romanian Peasant in spite of all these, has managed to put in practice a special type of museology. The original poetics developped in relation to the object was certain one of the reason why the Museum was awarded the EMYA - European Museum of the Year Award.

  • Nicolae Ceausescu create his "Civic Centre", the center piece of which was a building of monumental proportions - the "House of the People", now the Palace of Parliament.With a total surface aria of 265,000 sq. m., it is the biggest in Europe and the second biggest in the world, after the Pentagon.

  • Bucharest is a true "green capital" of Europe, Bucharest has many verdant oases, such as Cismigiu Park (arranged by Viennese architect F. Meyer), Herastrau Park (on the banks of the lake with the same name, a pleasant spot for recreation and water sports), Carol Park and The Botanical Garden.

Eating & Drinking

  • Food in Romania is very good and cheap if you compare to western prices. It seems expansive for local standard of living. Although international cuisine is available in better quality restaurants, make sure that you savour the local Romanian dishes. Typical Romanian specialities include a range of soup - "ciorba", bacon, potatoes and beef or chiken."

  • "Sarmale" is a spicy dish of bitter cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, and "Mititei" are small grill sausages perfumed with aromatic herbs. A range of excellent white and red Romanian wines of the famous vineyards of Cotnari, Murfatlar, Valea Calugareasca, Odobesti accompany local and international dishes to perfection.

Bucharest Surroundings

  • A short trip offers you the possibility to combine a short sightseeing tour of Bucharest with the surrounding beautiful landscape offered by Snagov Lake and forest embroidered with monasteries and palaces.You can cross Snagov Lake by boat up to an island where you can visit the Snagov Monastery.

Having fun

  • Bucharest offers many possibilities for a night full of fun. There are a lot of bars, night-clubs, casinos, cinemas and cabarets waiting for your choice. And that's not all, there is also a great variety of art exhibitions, concert halls, operas and theatres that would satisfy all tastes. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere in bars, restaurants and night clubs is welcoming, romanians are warm-hearted people who like to enjoy themselves. Why not join them and have fun?

  • - gambling in bucharest is big business, and it shows with the large amount of casinos some of them are in very beautiful historical buildings, and they often have genuinely good restaurants, open well into the early hours. The most attractive are the Casino Palace, incorporating the Casa Vernescu restaurant, in the Lens-Vernescu palace at Calea Victoriei 133, and the Victoria Casino - One of the older and better known casinos, which also has a dinner show. Gambling is available in both dollars and lei. Drinks are free, and there is no admission charge and Casino Bucharest near Hotel Intercontinental.

  • Clubs&Disco - Of all the wonderful things that Bucharest has to offer, nightlife is not the least of them. There is something for everyone in this town.Like most other things in Bucharest, you often have to travel to find what you really want. Twicehas an overall space of 1.500 sq.m, divided between two floors, each with its distinctive personality, nice music for dancing and drinkingSalsa You and Me - Head to Salsa You and Me for come-one-come-all Latin grooves. Club Maxx is a huge disco popular with the local students. Don't get seperated from your friends you will struggle to find them again. Be prepared for the raunchy shows on the podiums, male and female!

EuroCars Rent A Car Romania

What to "wear" this fall - winter of 2010?

Posted on October 20, 2010

  • October - cold

  • November - colder

  • December - the coldest:)

Experts claimed that this winter,  Europe is going to meet the worst winter in the last millennium, so please make sure to ask for equipped cars and all safety measures possible.

Remember...with, every season is like summer!

Have fun in Poiana Brasov resort in all seasons

Posted on August 18, 2010

Tourism in Romania

Posted on July 08, 2010

Tourism in Romania...what can the foreigners you say about our beloved country? If we would pay attention to all the negative sides of our country "promoted" in the media, we would quickly realise that the country isn't, not in a 5% of its value, known by the tourists in its true value.

Yes, if you ask any foreigner where is Romania situated on the map, maybe they might indicate Asia or Africa, but this might be caused, also by the lack of knowledge on Geography, and not entirely by the fact that we are not well promoted out Romania's borders.

From my abroad experience, I can easily affirm that we, Romanians, are known due to several personalities that made history such as: Nadia Comaneci (first gymnast ever to have scored a clean 10 on a global competition), Nicolae Ceausescu (our Communist leader), Gica Hagi (football player) but rarely heard that Romania is known abroad due to its immense beauty of nature.

Fortunately, we can realise that tourism in our country is increasing and this can only be a good thing. Tourism in Romania focuses on the country's natural landscapes, the wilderness of the nature being still visible, and the country's rich history. We hear that the number of tourists is growing every year and that can only make us happy.

Because it's in our best interest to promote the country's real values, here are some unique places that you do not want to miss,  while your are driving a car maybe rented from EuroCars Rent A Car on your trip to Romania:

1. Danube Delta (Romanian: Delta Dunarii) is the second largest river delta in, after the Volga Delta, largest reserve of wet lands in Europe, and the best preserved of all from this continent. In 1990, UNESCO has included the Danube Delta, the newest form of relief from Romania, in the list of World Heritage Sites as biosphere reserve, mainly preserved because it is being kept far away from "the progress of industrialization".

2. The Transfagarasan road or road no. DN7C is the highest and most dramatic paved road in Romania.

Built as a strategic military route, the 90 km of twists and turns run North to South across the tallest sections of the Carpathians Mountains, between the highest peak in the country, Moldoveanu and the second highest, Negoiu.  The road is well known in the region of Transylvania, and connects the cities of Sibiu and Pitesti. In its top, you can eat, there are some good restaurants, we can advice the restaurant situated right next to the lake. Yes, there is also a lake there, it is called Bâlea Lake one of the few glacier lakes in the country, situated at 2,034 m of altitude in the Fagaras Mountains.

So, we have made an introduction on seaside and mountains, let us also present something related to our tradition and religion.

3. The Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in the village of Sapânta, Maramure? county, Romania. Maybe you wonder why it is merry...because it is famous for its colourful tombstones with naive paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, and sometimes real funny, the persons that are buried and also, in the same funny style, representative scenes from their lives. The Merry Cemetery became an open-air museum and a national tourist attraction. It is worth seeing it!

Travel trips in Romania

Posted on June 14, 2010

Welcome to Romania! How about finding out some important tips about traveling in this country before actually arriving here? Of course these tips remain valid also for the ones that have already arrived!

Driving in Romania

First of all, basic rules: driver seat is on the left side of the car (UK drivers pay attention! :) ),  no cell phones while driving (hands free is allowed), driving with your lights on might help you to decrease the possibility of being stopped by the police, seat beld always on as for the driver and its passengers (pregnant women are exception to the rule).

Always make sure that you have signalized your intention to make a right or left with 50 m (in the city) and 100 m (outside the city) before actually making the maneuver. This helps your driving mates to see your intention and to avoid crashing into you.

Road tax: When you rent a car in Romania, please check that the rent a car company also provides you Rovigneta which proves that for the rented car, the road tax for driving inside Romania has been already paid. If not, you can buy this insurance from any gas station on your way. Attention! If you do not show this proof to the police, you will for sure have to pay a ticket of around 150 Euros.

Mamaia: If you are heading for the seaside, in Mamaia, you will have to pay upon every entry inside this seaside city a tax of 15 RON (about 3 Euros and 50 cents). This is paid only for the summer season 15 June - 15 September. You can always make a pass if you are forced to return every day here.


Cernavoda bridge: If you have to pass the Cernavoda bridge, on your way to Constanta or the seaside, please be aware that there is a tax of 10 Ron (about 2 Euros and 50 cents) for small vehicles. This is paid only once.


Speed limit: If you are a speed fan, please consider that in Romania these are the speed regulations: 50km/h in small villages, 60km/h in the city, 100km/h on country roads and 120km/h on national roads (marked as DN) and European roads (E), as well as highways (A).

If the police stops you when driving with more than 50 km/h over the legal speed, they can retain your driving license and for sure, you will also receive a ticket of about 50 Euros. And let us not talk about your safety which is the most important aspect of your trip to Romania. Drive safe and slow because the sights are beautiful and Romanian roads are not quite built to serve as tracks. Take a look at the this picture, what more can we say? You would wish to drive the car with 30 km/h in order to capture the immense beauty of this place, but be sure that if you drive like a snail, you will only hear swearing from the bottom to the top!


[caption id="attachment_27" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Transfagarasan Romania"][/caption]

Travel tips: As a foreign tourist you will have to put in your luggage right before leaving home several memory cards for your camera and lots and lots of batteries because you will be surprised to find out that the diversity of this country will offer you at every 5 minutes a different attraction that must be immortalized and well kept in your trip journal. Patience and a big empty stomach are the best travel advices: it takes patience and time to discover every corner of the amazing sights of the country, and an empty stomach with a bigger appetite in order to taste all the Eco products (if you are heading for the villages in Transilvania or Maramures as well as different other regions in the country), or rich meals with good wine, all made inside the household.

We could go on and on but it would be interesting to hear all the questions that might cross you mind!