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Scary movie sau scary night...sau Halloween?

Posted on October 22, 2017

Pai, cam asa...zic eu..


Hello, dragii mei!

Care-i treaba cu Halloween-ul asta? Nu prea mi-am bat capul,ce-i drept, stiu doar ca ne place sa copiem si cum aceasta sarbatoare ni s-a parut "cool", am "imprumutat-o "si pe aceasta de la prietenii deh!

Daca vei cauta pe Wikipedia, sunt acolo cateva informatii cu privire la originea acestei sarbatori, cum ca a fost o sarbatoare celtica, pagana, deci europeana si s-a raspandit prin America datorita imigrantilot irlandezi. Se sarbatoreste pe 31Octombrie si copii se costumeaza in diverse personaje creepy, (dupa parerea mea): vrajitoare, mumii, adica de la printese pana la cranii umblatoare...colindand pe la case întrebând „Trick or Treat?” (P?c?leal? sau dulciuri?), ca o amenin?are c? dac? nu li se dau dulciuri, persoanei colindate i se va juca o fars?. Ca si decoratiunii interioare si mai ales exterioare, cu prilejul acestei sarbatorii, este dovleacul sculptat cu diverse fete: triste, vesele, horror, etc.. imi aduc aminte de placinta bunicii cu dovleac, care era absolut delicioasa de-ti lingeai degetele si pe alte tale si le imprumutai si pe alte vecinului :)))

Halloween-ul asta e o sarbatoare a lumii nocturne, ascunse, fantomelor si spiritelor malefice, dar este pentru copii...Dar, daca i-ai pune sa se uite la un film horror...cum ar fi ? Pariu ca ar fi tragedie :)))

Cred ca am participat o singura data la un astfel de eveniment si nu mi-a lasat un gust amar, dar nici n-am mai fost curioasa sa retraiesc starea...

Era intr-un club mic, asezonat corespunzator sarbatorii, atarnau vrajitoare cu maturoaiele specifice, pisici zburlite si turbate, panze de paianjan si chiar am vazut cateva costume simpatice. Nu, nu m-am costumat!:P

In alta ordine de idei, e doar un alt moment de a sarbatori rau si prinde din ce in ce mai mult si la noi. Un alt mijloc de a iesi intr-un club, bar, prietenii sau sa petreceri niste  freeky time sarbatorind acest eveniment.

Cat de scary poate fi? !



Posted on August 16, 2011


If you are happened around Brasov, the list goes sightseeing and Rasnov.

Rasnov Fortress

Situated on the Brasov-Rucar-Campulung, Rasnov is one of the best preserved peasant fortress of Transylvania, traveling by car or using the services of rent a car Brasov, is easily reached.

Rasnov called "Fortress" as the main occupation was agricutura builders.

Simple architectural style, building houses close to normal, adapted to strengthening and preserving medieval atmosphere and now after 500 years of existence, you implement in the time of our forebears.

Since its entry into the city welcomes you with horse tournaments, sword fights between knights, fighting knights, archery, spearthrowing, handling swords, fight hand to capture the beautiful princess supreme, which reproduces better the time long past.

The show attracts the attention of both children and adults, each dreaming it is one of those who wants to conquer the beautiful princess.

But the city still has much to offer, the user will present a brief history of the city, will mention the 30 houses within the enclosure designed to give shelter to the inhabitants of the settlement or their property.

Since they mention school, chapel and priest's house.

There were "hosted" in 1600 troops of Mihai Viteazu and his wife Mrs. Stanca after the defeat of Miraslau.

Inside the fortress can visit the art museum so they are exposed feudal armor, weapons, galleries, old furniture, specific ports century but also some more unusual items for our time, but common in the seventeenth century and eighteenth-century century, such as a mask of torture and a yoke for transporting prisoners.

You can also try archery or skill in one of the goals of the paper. You can buy many souvenirs, jewelry semi-precious stones, art objects or books with reference to local history and traditions.

Tourists who want to offer something the city could plant in a small square in the courtyard rose a thread. Instead, his name will remain written on a plate, planted with flowers.

Legend Fountain

And just as all buildings are shrouded by a mystery or a legend, so is Rasnov, Legend says Fountain.

Fountain of the city, 146 meters deep, was dug between 1625-1640.

About this fountain there are a legend similar to the Corvin Castle, namely, that during a siege, the people put two Turkish prisoners to dig a well in the middle of the city to be let go. Prisoners dug wells for 15 years, during which verses from the Koran written on its walls. In fact, it was arranged by craftsmen hired by the Germans Rasnov. The fountain was used until 1850, when the wheel was abandoned due to breakage.

Program visit

Rasnov can visit:

Daily between the hours: 09:00-19:00

Entry fee: 10 lei - adults

5 lei - Children 7-18 years

Camera fee: free

Binoculars chips (set in place of the observation of the Fortress) - 2 lei

And if you lose track of time, and I caught at night on the road, I recommend you stop at one of the hotels in Brasov, or you can rent a room at one of  pensions in Brasov.

The next day you can visit around the city, visiting the Evangelical Church with murals dating from the sixteenth century and Rasnoavei Gorge where you can do bungee jumping, rappel descent, to drive an ATV or climb.

Diana riding center

After walking in the city center you can relax at Diana riding, enjoying the attention of staff, stunningly beautiful landscapes andswirling ridges and watery eyes, mysterious eyes will follow and will awaken your desire to master and tame.

The farm has horses for pleasure, Lipizzaner and their half-breeds, ponies, Arabs and their half-breeds, in a wide variety of colors.

May not linger, you will relax and spend a wonderful time in an atmosphere that not only can meet the Rasnov.