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Why should visit Sibiu?

Posted on May 23, 2011

Why should visit Sibiu?

Romania is the land where all relief forms are tied harmoniously: from imposing mountains to the seaside of the Black Sea, from hills and abundantly plains to the Danube delta…not for nothing the country is called “The Land of Choice” in the new touristic slogan.

Although, for the moment, we don’t excel at the infrastucture chapter, any touristic activity will be taken again, because the Romanian tourism is focused pre-eminently above all, on the natural landscapes and amply history.

As a location where to spend your vacation, I would strongly recommend you Sibiu, maybe the well-known city of the country on international plan, thanks to the title of “international cultural capital”, achieved in 2007, beside Louxembourg. This is the indisputable proof  that our country can be proud, both on culture and tourism’s plan.

How to reach  the destination

In terms of transport to Sibiu, there are a lot of options. If you come from Romania or abroad, and you don’t want to waste your time on the road, you have the airplane option: Sibiu’s International Airport is located 5km West from the town, with direct access on the E81 highway.

Through it, direct links are ensured with intern airports ( Bucuresti, Targu Mures, Timisoara) and also international: Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Moldavia and Italy.

If you fall into the bohemian type and you are eager for a closer view of the landscape that our country has to offer you have train’s option, which will allow you to save some money and use them for other activities.

For those who cannot separate from the automobile, going by your own car (or a rented one, Rent a Car in Sibiu with EuroCars is very well developed, renting can be made abroad also) is a safe option. European roads passing through Sibiu are E 68 (Arad - Sibiu - Brasov) and E 81 (Cluj - Sibiu - Pitesti - Bucharest). Not even parking lots will be able to overshadow your stay thanks to the 80 locations equipped with a total of 5051 parking spaces.

Regarding housing, the supply is extremely varied, considering the fact that the tradition of hospitality in Sibiu is the oldest in Romania, the first hotel being certified since 1555. It remains up to you to choose the category (comfort level), framing (apartment, cottage, camping, pensions in Sibiu, hotels in Sibiu, motel or guesthouse) and location, and bids will not disappoint you.

In the “must see” category:

- the museums (Sibiu was the cultural capital with a reason): Brukenthal National Museum, Astra National Museum Complex, Evangelical Church Museum, Steam Locomotives Museum.

- Churches: The Orthodox Cathedral, The Evangelical Church, The Catholic Church, The Ursuline Church, The Franciscan Church, The Church of the pit, The Church Of the trees, The Reformed Church, Church of St. Johannis, St. Elizabeth, St. Luke's Church, Church Asylum Cross Chapel, Synagogue;

-  the historic center: historical three markets: Large Square, Small Square, Huet Square, Defensive Towers, The walls of the Citadel;

- recreational areas: Sub Arini Park, Astra Park, Grove Nature Park, Sibiu Zoo (the first zoo in Romania), and for audiophiles is necessarily recommended concert of the  Philharmonic State of Sibiu.


In terms of cuisine, traditional cuisine from this part of the country was influenced by German and Hungarian population. Therefore, in Sibiu are preferred poultry and beef soups with semolina or flour dumplings, homemade noodles, soups meal, cumin or tomatoes soups.

In Sibiu is located the oldest restaurant on the actual territory of Romania, "The Gold Barrel" which is located in the same building in the Stairs Passage since XVI century.

Sibiu offers many options for dining: from selected restaurants to fast food and pizza, it depends  only on the mood you are in.

You have only two things to set: the date and the way in which you want to travel, because Sibiu is eager of tourists to whom showing off his wealth.

Whether you are a fan of hiking or cultural trips or you are simply passing through, Sibiu will make you want to come back anytime!

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