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Sfaturi utile pentru servicile de inchirieri auto

Posted on August 21, 2011

Sfaturi utile pentru servicile de inchirieri auto

De cativa ani buni, tot mai multe persoane apeleaza la serviciile de rent a car din Bucuresti sau alte orase. Uneori, oamenii nu stiu ce anume ar trebui sa faca atunci cand vor sa inchirieze o masina si ar putea sa primeasca altceva decat ceea ce s-au asteptat. Iar pentru a evita aceste lucruri m-am gandit ca ar fi bine sa va dau  niste sfaturi.

Cel mai important inainte de a incepe sa cautam masina dorita e sa ne gandim unde anume avem nevoie de ea, cati pasageri vom avea, daca avem copii, daca e vara sau iarna si lista poate continua in functie de necesitatiile fiecaruia.

Iar acum sa incepem.

Am ales locatia, stim cati pasageri vom avea si si in ce perioada vom avea nevoie de o masina.

1.Primul lucru alegerea unei agentii de inchirieri auto, puteti apela la serviciul de inchirieri auto prin eurocars sau puteti cauta pe google alte agentii.

2.Atunci cand incepeti sa completati formularul de inchiriere a masini, sa fiti atenti daca nu cumva sunt percepute taxe ascunse cum ar fi: penalitati de intarziere sau altele.

3. Sa fiti atenti ca masina prezentata spre inchiriere trebuie sa fie aceeasi marca si acelasi model cu cea declarata in contractul de inchiriere si sa verificati cu atentie datele inscrise pe talonul masinii si verificati daca acestea corespund cu realitatea .

4.Uneori sunt oferite reduceri la inchirieri auto, urmariti aceste reduceri si profitati de ele. Reducerile sunt oferite daca e folosita plata cu cardul de credit, sau la fidelizare, pentru anumite categorii de varste,  o zi gratis la patru zile de inchiriere, preturi speciale pentru weekend, sarbatori legale sau ore netarifate intre anumite intervale orare.

5. În cazul în care bagajele si marimea grupului sunt mici, puteti lua în considerare o masina mai mica. Daca aveti de gând sa calatoriti cu un grup mare sau bagajele sunt prea voluminoase,  puteti apela la serviciile de inchirieri microbuze.

6. Aveti grija ce fel de masina alegeti. Exista posibilitatea sa nu aiba schimbator manual si sa nu fiti obisnuiti cu cel automat. Sau daca e dotata cu  scaun de copil, GPS si altele.

7.  Daca calatoria va fi pe mai multe zile sau doriti sa parasiti teritoriul Romaniei , sa fiti atenti daca nu sunt clauze speciale pentru inchirierea masini in afara tarii sau daca firma va acorda acest drept.

8. Cereti un numar de telefon in caz de urgenta pentru a anunta o defectiune, in caz ca va aparea, sau pentru alte probleme. Intrebati despre cum va fi solutionata o asemenea problema.

9. Asigura-te de asemenea ca agentul inspecteaza caroseria in prezenta ta si ca va puneti de acord cu privire la orice daune.

10. Inainte de a parasi vehiculul, verifica, pentru a fi sigur ca nu ai lasat in masina obiecte personale care vor fi destul de greu de recuperate, o data ce masina a fost returnata.

Sper ca sfaturile acestea va vor ghida si va vor ajuta sa alegeti masina potrivita pentru vacanta dumneavoastra.Astept si alte sfaturi sau daca ati avut parte de unele neplaceri, impartasitini-le, poate vom putea astfel evita acele situatii.

Drum bun!

Rent A Car and drive to Prahova Valley

Posted on December 29, 2010

Discover Bucharest with a rented car from EuroCars Romania

Posted on November 09, 2010

Discover Bucharest with a car rental from EuroCars

» Bucharest is the city of many parks and gardens, surrounded by lakes and forests. During the 1930's its tree-lined boulevards and architecture gave it the nickname 'Little Paris'. Also is famous for its very intensive night life. Romanian people is a latin one and the romanians love to live.

» Usually the arrival location is Bucharest Otopeni International Airport or Bucharest Baneasa Airport.  To see much of Bucharest, the best solution is to rent a car with EuroCars, you can do that by internet the most common and cheap solution, in case you don't know our address: or you can pick up your car from airport. The transfer from airport to your hotel/pension/rental apartment in Bucharest with EastComfort center is taking approx. 30-45 min. After settling in your private hotel room, Bucharest is yours , and we are sure that you will see a new face totally different, showing the rapidly developing of Eastern Europe.

  • Bucharest's museums are for visitors a great attraction, especially the open air Village Museum (1936) in the Herastrau Park. Located in the heart of Bucharest, the museum represents for all Romanians and their foreign guests a sample of the Romanian spirit, a live image of the traditional village, a major expression of our natural art. It is an impressive ethnographic document and of social history. Also, you should not miss the National History Museum, the National Arts Museum and the "Grigore Antipa" Natural History Museum.

  • The Museum of The Romanian Peasant is part of the large family of European Museums for Folk Arts and Traditions. Owner of an impressive collection of objects, even if otherwise poor - as far as the financia point of viewl, the Museum of The Romanian Peasant in spite of all these, has managed to put in practice a special type of museology. The original poetics developped in relation to the object was certain one of the reason why the Museum was awarded the EMYA - European Museum of the Year Award.

  • Nicolae Ceausescu create his "Civic Centre", the center piece of which was a building of monumental proportions - the "House of the People", now the Palace of Parliament.With a total surface aria of 265,000 sq. m., it is the biggest in Europe and the second biggest in the world, after the Pentagon.

  • Bucharest is a true "green capital" of Europe, Bucharest has many verdant oases, such as Cismigiu Park (arranged by Viennese architect F. Meyer), Herastrau Park (on the banks of the lake with the same name, a pleasant spot for recreation and water sports), Carol Park and The Botanical Garden.

Eating & Drinking

  • Food in Romania is very good and cheap if you compare to western prices. It seems expansive for local standard of living. Although international cuisine is available in better quality restaurants, make sure that you savour the local Romanian dishes. Typical Romanian specialities include a range of soup - "ciorba", bacon, potatoes and beef or chiken."

  • "Sarmale" is a spicy dish of bitter cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, and "Mititei" are small grill sausages perfumed with aromatic herbs. A range of excellent white and red Romanian wines of the famous vineyards of Cotnari, Murfatlar, Valea Calugareasca, Odobesti accompany local and international dishes to perfection.

Bucharest Surroundings

  • A short trip offers you the possibility to combine a short sightseeing tour of Bucharest with the surrounding beautiful landscape offered by Snagov Lake and forest embroidered with monasteries and palaces.You can cross Snagov Lake by boat up to an island where you can visit the Snagov Monastery.

Having fun

  • Bucharest offers many possibilities for a night full of fun. There are a lot of bars, night-clubs, casinos, cinemas and cabarets waiting for your choice. And that's not all, there is also a great variety of art exhibitions, concert halls, operas and theatres that would satisfy all tastes. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere in bars, restaurants and night clubs is welcoming, romanians are warm-hearted people who like to enjoy themselves. Why not join them and have fun?

  • - gambling in bucharest is big business, and it shows with the large amount of casinos some of them are in very beautiful historical buildings, and they often have genuinely good restaurants, open well into the early hours. The most attractive are the Casino Palace, incorporating the Casa Vernescu restaurant, in the Lens-Vernescu palace at Calea Victoriei 133, and the Victoria Casino - One of the older and better known casinos, which also has a dinner show. Gambling is available in both dollars and lei. Drinks are free, and there is no admission charge and Casino Bucharest near Hotel Intercontinental.

  • Clubs&Disco - Of all the wonderful things that Bucharest has to offer, nightlife is not the least of them. There is something for everyone in this town.Like most other things in Bucharest, you often have to travel to find what you really want. Twicehas an overall space of 1.500 sq.m, divided between two floors, each with its distinctive personality, nice music for dancing and drinkingSalsa You and Me - Head to Salsa You and Me for come-one-come-all Latin grooves. Club Maxx is a huge disco popular with the local students. Don't get seperated from your friends you will struggle to find them again. Be prepared for the raunchy shows on the podiums, male and female!

EuroCars Rent A Car Romania

Have fun in Poiana Brasov resort in all seasons

Posted on August 18, 2010

Dacia Duster made in Romania

Posted on August 18, 2010

After the successive launches of Logan, Sandero, Logan MCV and pickup, Dacia took a big step on the 4×4 market with their Dacia Duster. The Romanian brand unveiled the production version of the Dacia Duster which has already gone on sale in the spring of 2010. The car is a lot different than the Duster concept unveiled by Dacia & Renault at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, but it still looks like an SUV.

The new Dacia Duster will be available in two versions: 4×2 and 4×4 and under the hood it will hide a 1.6L 16V petrol engine that will provide 110 HP but it also come with two diesel engine options: a 85 dCi and a 105 dCi. These diesel engines have low emissions of just 140g of CO2/km in the 4×2 version and 150g of CO2/km in the 4×4 version.

The 2010 Dacia Duster SUV is a tough, reliable and easy to use 4×4 which is aimed at motorists looking for a daily driver with real off road ability and of course, it’s aimed for those who want a cheaper SUV. The car measures 4.31 meters in length and 1.82 meters in width and it has a 200 mm ground clearance with an approach angle of 30 degrees and a departure angle of 35 degrees.

The production version of the Dacia Duster will come with a Bosch 8.1 ABS, en EBV electronic brakeforce distribution and emergency brake assist. The car weights only 1.180 kg in 4×2 and 1,280 kg in 4×4 and its price is going to be announced in a couple of months, depending on the market where it go on sale.

Check out our Dacia Duster cars, easy to drive, comfortable, and well adapted for all kind of country roads.

British tourist...check out this car before the release in the UK! The ‘Renault for the budget conscious’ brand Dacia are to launch their cars in the UK starting in 2012, despite telling us when they revealed the Duster in December they had no plans for a UK launch.

The rise and rise of Dacia is a remarkable phenomenon. From nowhere in 1999 when Renault bought Dacia, it’s been transformed in to a producer of budget cars for emerging markets. 1.25 million Dacias have been sold in the last five years and, with consumers in traditional car markets becoming ever more budget aware, Renault feels the Dacia will find a ready market.They’ve already had success on mainland Europe and now they’re biting the bullet to make RHD cars.

The same success we notice for Dacia in car rental business, more than 15% of rented cars by EuroCars are Dacia, at this moment the star is Dacia Duster, initially was included in the rent a car Bucuresti offer and because of the success, now is present in the rent a car TimisoaraBrasov, and Bacau offers and soon in all our rental locations.

But Dacias are not exactly the Lada of the 21st century. In a similar way to Hyundai, they have moved quality upmarket but kept prices sensible. The new Dacia Duster is a budget-busting compact SUV – Skoda Yeti Sized – offering 1.5 litre diesel with 104bhp or a 1.6 petrol with 84bhp. And you can opt for 2WD or 4WD. An prices start at a very reasonable €11,900. Including tax.

One thing we will have to learn if Dacia are coming to the UK is how to pronounce it. We say ‘Day-see-er’. Which is apparently wrong. We should be saying ‘Dat-ch-a’, in our best Romanian accent. But I think Renault may have a job on their hands convincing Brits to pronounce it their way.

But whatever way you say it, you will be able to buy the Dacia Duster in RHD from 2012. And if you want to know what’s on offer,check out the Dacia Duster Press Release. recommends Dacia Duster...Try it!

Romania si serviciile de rent a car... ne ofera mult mai multe avantaje decat ne inchipuim!

Posted on August 09, 2010

Desi intr-o prima faza fiecare dintre noi, roman fiind, are un talent deosebit de a vedea numai partile rele ale faptului de a fi roman, in mod majoritar pentru ca se loveste de diferite situatii care ii dau aceasta dreptate, exista si nenumarate parti bune, care ofera avantaje fiecaruia dintre noi.

Situatie concreta... inchirierile de masini/ rent a car...lucrand aproape 2 ani in acest domeniu, cu diversi clienti din nenumarate colturi ale lumii, am ajuns sa cred, in urma repetatelor lamentari ale acestora, ca preturile in domeniul rent-a-car si conditiile in tara noastra sunt intr-adevar piperate si respectiv exigente (si aici ma refer in mod evident la conditii).

Am ajuns si eu in acest an in situatia de a apela la serviciile de rent-a-car, in calitate de client strain in tara Catalanilor, Barcelona - Spania.

Cum incepe de fapt acest proces? In primul rand o nevoie implica in mod evident solicitarea unui serviciu cu scopul de a satisface aceasta cerere din partea oricarui client. Primul pas...cautarea pe internet a companiilor de profil, in principal minim 3-4, suficiente pentru a face o comparatie de pret, masini disponibile, conditii de inchiriere etc.

Nevoia noastra initiala (a mea si a prietenilor mei) era de a inchiria o masina din clasa Convertible, pentru a vizita superba Costa Brava, pe parcursul a 2 zile. Dupa consultarea site-urile de profil pe care le-am gasit pe internet, dorintele noastre se destramau treptat...un autoturism din clasa Decapotabila, gen Renault Megane Cabriolet ne ajungea la pret de 560 euro pentru 2 zile, si o garantie returnabila de 1070 euro. depasea cu mult bugetul, si am ajuns la concluzia ca ar merge si orice masina capabila sa duca 4 oameni si bagajele lor pe Costa Brava. Am incercat varianta unui Ford Fiesta cu un pret rezonabil de 100 euro pentru 2 zile, insa garantia exagerata de 560 euro si taxele de sofer "tanar" (pana in varsta de 26 ani) respectiv de 25 euro / zi (pentru Megane) si 6 euro / zi pentru Fiesta diminuau deja puterea atractiei. In plus, nu se acceptau in nici un fel platile cash pentru valoarea perioadei de inchiriere, sa nu mai vorbim de garantie care este in mod obligatoriu blocata pe card.

Prin urmare...dupa lungi discutii cu doamna "draguta" de la call center-ul uneia dintre companii, am recurs la o varianta mai ieftina, de turist tanar, respectiv autobuzul :)

Experienta nu tocmai placuta, m-a adus cu gandul la conditiile oferite in tara, si la cat de ieftine sunt serviciile noastre in comparatie cu tarile dezvoltate ale Europei. Nu stiu nici acum daca aceste preturi "piperate" mi-ar fi adus plusul proportional cu valoarea serviciilor propuse insa imi propun sa aflu pe viitor!

Pana ne bucuram de micile avantaje ale tarii noastre :) inchiriem cu spor :D

Calatoriti in siguranta in Romania ... impreuna cu "juniorii":)

Posted on July 27, 2010

Desi anul acesta este marcat de cuvantul criza, anul 2010 fiind deja sinonim cu acesta, incercati sa puneti siguranta familiei pe primul loc, nefacand rabat de calitate ci urmand sfaturile noastre simple si sigure pentru unicul scop de a va afla in siguranta!

Daca bugetul dvs. este restrans, nu trebuie sa insemne ca vacanta dvs. nu va fi cea pe care vi-o doriti sau de care v-ati bucurat in alti ani. Imaginati-va cum doriti sa fie aceasta si nu va abateti de la aceasta imagine. Cu un gram de simt al planificarii si unele sugestii din partea expertilor, adica echipa EuroCars, veti constata ca va puteti bucura de inca o vacanta de vis.

In acest an, EuroCars este la dispozitia dvs. cu oferte adaptate timpurilor pe care le traim si cu solutii pentru bugetele limitate.

Impreuna cu dvs. putem pune in realizare ideile de vacanta, realiza itinerariul cel mai sigur si astfel, veti economisi bani pe intreaga durata a drumului.

In continuare, cateva sfaturi utile pentru a va ajuta sa incadrati totalul de plata al vacantei in buzunarul de la pantaloni:

Nu uitati înainte de a pleca …

- Planificarea itinerariului, transport, rezervare a biletelor si a hotelurilor se face din timp pentru ca astfel puteti fi asigurati ca ati obtinut cele mai bune preturi, economisind atat timp si bani.

- Rezervarile online va pot uimi prin oferte avantajoase, asfel veti evita diferite comisioane ale agentiilor de turism.

- De asemenea, incercati sa ajungeti in tara recurgand la zboruri cu o companie aeriana low-cost cu aterizare intr-un oras din apropierea destinatiei dvs, in orase precum Cluj sau Timisoara, ofertele sunt mult mai competitive decat Bucuresti, si in plus…

- De asemenea alegeti datele de plecare-sosire in mijlocul saptamanii, astfel veti evita numeroase taxe de weekend

- Calatoriti cu copiii atata timp cat acestia sunt la varsta la care beneficiaza de reduceri …

- Calatoriti cu copiii? Familiile cu copii si studentii beneficiaza adesea de reduceri pentru transport si la punctele de atractie precum intrari la parcuri, muzee care sunt deseori chiar gratuite.

- Pentru solutii mai ieftine de cazare puteti lua in considerare si diferitele locatii de camping din tara.

- Asigurati siguranta copiilor pe durata calatoriei cu masina, prin inchirierea de scaune de copii, care sunt obligatorii pana la varsta de 4-5 ani si chiar indicate pana la varsta de 6 ani.

De retinut:

Copiii sunt in mod evident mai protejati in masini din clasa Compact catre Full-size, care sunt bineinteles si mai spatioase decat cele din clasa mini-economy, permitand manevrarea mai usoara a scaunelului copilului si a lucrusoarelor acestuia.

Nu ezitati sa solicitati informatii care va vor fi utile pe durata sejurului in tara! Nu uitati, o grija in minus este un plus de satisfactie!

Principalele puncte de inchirieri masini oferite de EuroCars Romania sunt: Bucuresti, Aeroportul Otopeni, Aeroportul Baneasa, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, Sibiu, Bacau, Iasi, Arad, Oradea, Targu Mures, Constanta, Galati, Ploiesti, Craiova, Sighisoara, Focsani, Piatra Neamt, Suceava etc

O zi placuta in continuare