Car Rental Romania and Bucharest with EuroCars
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I book a car on your website?
1. Choose your desired rental location and the pick up and return dates.
2. Choose your car and click on "More Info" to view the car details.
3. Click on "Book Now", choose the pick up and return hours, fill in your personal details and read & accept our rental policy.
4. Click on "Make Reservation" to finalize your booking.
Can I make a reservation without using my credit card?
To make an on-line reservation on our website it is not necessary to use your credit card.
How can I check if my car is confirmed?
We will send you a confirmation email. You are also able to check the status of your reservation from the account page.
I have not received the confirmation email. What should I do?
Verify your email address. If you made a booking more than 24 hours ago and you have not yet received our confirmation email, it is most likely that our email was blocked by the Anti-Spam service of your email account. Please check if the confirmation email is not in the "SPAM" , "Junk Mail" or "Unwanted Mail" folder of your email account. If you still cannot find the confirmation email, please contact us by choosing "Contact" on our homepage.
Can I book a car for today?
It is possible, but you also have to call us to make sure that the car can be rented today.
How exactly do you count the days of the car hire?
A rental day is counted as 24 hours from the moment of the pick up. Partial days must be entirely paid, for reasons of insurance.
When must I pay my reservation made on your website?
Payment is done on arrival for both rental and deposit.
May I choose the model of the vehicle?
We always do our best to offer the desired model to the client. In most of the cases we succeed, but we cannot confirm 100% the model, color or fuel type.
How can I change some details of my booking?
Please send us an email with the desired change at: [email protected]. Make sure that your e-mail was received by demanding a confirmation.
How can I extend my booking?
In case of an extension of your rental period, please take notice that you are required to go to an office of our partner before the end of the rental period in order to sign the new contract. Otherwise all the insurances (CDW, TP, Windows/Tires, etc.) will lose their validity.
How do I ask for an invoice of my booking?
Please ask directly for the invoice in the moment of the payment for the rental.
Is it possible to modify or cancel my prepaid reservation after being confirmed?
If you reserved your car by prepayment and you need to change info that modifies the reservation, please make a new reservation and cancel the initial one.
Which documents are necessary to hire a car?
A valid original passport (Also necessary for additional drivers). A valid original driver's license. (Also necessary for additional drivers). A valid credit card.
How old do I have to be to rent a car?
Generally, if you are aged between 21 and 75 you are able to rent a car and book it on-line. Please also check the minimum required possession of a driver's license. Please read our terms and conditions before you finalize your reservation. You may still be able to rent a car, however an additional charge may apply to partly cover the additional insurance and will be payable to the local car rental partner.
What kind of insurance I receive on a car rental?
Please read the detailed information offered in the "rental policy" of your reservation. Before finalizing your reservation you must accept our rental policy.
I need to reserve a baby seat. When do I reserve?
It is necessary to request it in the moment you make the reservation. We will have the baby seat ready for you when you pick up the vehicle.
Is it possible to add a second driver to my booking?
Yes you can add a second driver in the moment you pick up the car.
At the airport, where do I get the car?
Specific details of the rental location will be included on the rental voucher sent to you once you have booked a car.
Is it possible to pick up the car at the hotel?
You can pick up the car at your hotel. There are extra charges for this service.
Can I return the vehicle to a different office than it was rented from? How much does it cost?
If you want to return the vehicle to another office, different from the pick up location, simply indicate the new location when you begin the process of the reservation. You will pay extra charges, that will be indicated in the reservation form.
I don't know my flight number (yet). What can I do?
If you don't know your flight number (yet), you can use "PENDING" instead of the flight number, but you have to provide it before the rental day. If you are not going to have a flight number, you can specify the pick-up location.
Why is it mandatory to bring a credit card?
Presenting a credit card for the payment of your rental, is necessary in order to avoid possible frauds and to keep our reduced and competitive rates.
I do not have any credit card. Is it still possible to rent a car?
For the security deposit a credit card is required. The rental payment is made with a credit card / cash. The exceptions are discussed with the booking agent before the reservation is confirmed.
Can I cross the border with my vehicle?
As a general rule, it is not allowed for the client to cross the borders with the rented vehicle. Please read the rental policy for more details.
Do I have to leave a deposit?
Please read the rental policy of your booking/quote. If you have an insurance with excess, the deposit is required as a warranty. In particular situations you have the possibility to pay an extra charge to eliminate/reduce the deposit.
Who can drive the car?
The main driver is the person who made the on-line reservation. However, it is possible to add a second driver. It is necessary that all drivers present their valid driver's license at the moment of the rental.
How do I contact my booking agent
Booking agent details are sent to your email address when we process your reservation request. If you have trouble finding any of them please contact us at [email protected].
How do I contact car pick-up agent
Check the Voucher/Email that you received as Confirmation of your Reservation, it contains the phone number and name of the agent managing your car.
Road Assistance
Road Assistance contacts are provided with each rental contract at the pick-up of the car, and they are available usually 24/7 ask the pickup agent for more information.
How do I manage my reservation
You can use the email/phone directly with the booking agent or log-in to your account on to modify your reservation.
I have not received any email. What should I do?
If you made a booking more than 24 hours ago and you have not yet received an email from us, it is most likely blocked by your email provider. Please check if the confirmation email is not in "SPAM" , "Junk Mail" or "Unwanted Mail" folder.
How to make a reservation
EuroCars is processing reservations online. You can select your location, exact period and desired car model and submit your reservation request online with no contractual obligation. A booking agent will process your request, check car availabilities and reply with details. If you are unable to use the online reservation process, please submit your request by email to [email protected]
How to make an instant reservation
Cars available for instant reservation are marked with Instant Booking tag in our Cars and Rates. Select your car and exact period to see the total cost and proceed to the booking process. Instant reservations require a credit card to guarantee the process without paying anything, full payment will be made at the pickup of the car.
I need a car today!
Short notice reservations requests can be sent with URGENT subject to [email protected] during working hours. Please note that we may not have cars available on short notice!
How much does it cost
To find out your exact costs, please click Cars & Rates, select your Location and Exact Period and you will receive total costs including all the taxes. The value of the deposit and other optionals will be displayed after clicking on Book Now button.
What represents a rental day
A rental day represents 24h + maximum 2hours from your pick-up hour. After 2h will be considered another day of rental.
Can I leave the car in another location
Usually no, you have to deliver the car at the location where you picked it. In emergency situations fees will apply up to 1 Euro/km round trip.
Can I drive over the border ?
Rental service is provided only on the national roads from Romania. You cannot use the car over the border.
Can anybody else drive the car ?
Additional driver will be anyone other than yourself, who will drive your rental car. Even if you rent a car, but never drive it, you are automatically considered the primary operator of the rental vehicle. Anyone else who drives your rental car must be approved by the rental company. They must complete and sign a form at the rental counter. The cost for an additional driver is 10 €/driver/rental period.
What documents do I need ?
A valid original passport (Also necessary for additional drivers). A valid original driver's license. (Also necessary for additional drivers). A valid credit card.
I have other question
Please consult our Terms & Conditions and if you do not find the information you need contact us at [email protected]
How do I pay for the car ?
Full payment required at the pick-up of the cars, after signing the rental contract. The payment may be cash or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa). The rental price includes VAT tax, unlimited km, insurances as listed in your reservation request.
What happens with the deposit ?
In addition to the rental costs, the client is required to have a credit card deposit as a guarantee of proper usage of the motor vehicle for the entire duration of the contract. The deposit is unblocked after the car is checked thoroughly for any damage. The deposit can be partially or fully retained for damage suffered by the car due to either the client, the additional driver or an unknown third party, depending on the value of the damage.
Instant reservations require a guarantee ?
Booking an instant offer (instant confirmation without a booking agent) requires 1 day rental value guarantee that will be released after you pick the car. We do not store any credit card details, the transaction is processed trough a secure third party RomCard a company of
How do I pick-up the car
The confirmation Voucher/email of you reservation has the contact details of the agent managing your car and the office address/point of the meeting and time details. To ensure a smooth procedure be sure you sent all your arrival details including flight number when making the reservation.
How do i return the car
Return should be made at the same location where you received the car, with full fuel tank.
What if i arrive late to return ?
You can extend your return with up to 2 hours. After that 1 extra rental day will be charged.
Contact EuroCars
If you did not found the information you seek, please contact [email protected] or using the Contact Form. We will reply usually in maximum 24 working hours.