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List of Full Size rental cars available in Timisoara.
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Cheap Full Size Car Rental in Timisoara

Have you got to rent a car in Timisoara, Romania from Full Size class? View the cars in our fleet listed below and our wide selection of inexpensive rental cars from economy car rental to luxury car rental. If you want to change the rental location, use the corresponding filter, then go to the desired class, car brand or save your favourite low cost cars.

10 Full Size cars for rent in Timisoara (subject of availability)

Full Size > Skoda > Superb
Full Size > VW > Passat
Full Size > VW > Passat CC automat
Full Size > VW > Passat automatic
Full Size > Opel > Insignia
Full Size > VW > Passat new
Full Size > VW > PASSAT new
Full Size > Skoda > SUPERB at