Drivers must be at least 21 years old. Drivers must hold a valid national or international driver's license issued at least one year ago. The license should match the class of the rental car. The person who wishes to drive the rental car must be present at the time of rental, and show his valid license to the company representatives.
The rental period is the total number of days between car delivery and collection. The minimum rental period is 48 hours.
The car is delivered at the date, location and time agreed with the client. The client receives in advance from the reservation office all the information about the meeting with the agent who brings the car and also the agent contact details. The client can also pick up the car from the car rental offices. After the meeting with the agent the client signs the rental papers, pays the rental amount and deposit, checks the car, and uses the car during the rental period.
In the last rental day the client brings the car at the location and hour settled with the agent and written in the rental contract. The client has to return the vehicle with full fuel tank (otherwise the Client shall pay the quantity of fuel at the price of 1,79 € per liter) along with all the documents of the motor vehicle he had received. In case of a delay in the delivery, the Client shall pay extra charges. The car is rented clean on the outside and on the inside and the client will pay adittional charges if the car is not returned in the same conditions. For the delivery of cars in holiday / free days, the customer will pay extra € 10.
A valid driving licence issued at least one year ago is compulsory for renting a car. The car can't be rented on the base of a copy of the original driving licence. In case the client loses the car keys or car documents a charge will be applied.
A valid passport is compulsory for renting a car.
The contract is the paper signed by the client and the rental company. The full particular conditions of the rented car are presented in the rental contract. This is the only legal document used for litigations. The client must read carrefuly the rental contract before he signs it because he is responsible for fulfilling the rental conditions and the rental company written in the contract is responsible for the services provided.
After the client signs the rental contract he has to pay in advance the rental amount. The payment may be with cash or credit cards (MasterCard, Eurocard, Visa).
Credit card payments are accepted based on a 3% processing fee. Particular cars, especially from the luxury class but not only, can be rented only on the base of a credit card. The rental price includes VAT tax, unlimited km, insurances. The particular situations are notified on the website.
Value Added Tax is a tax on the estimated market value added to a product material or service at each stage of its manufacture or distribution. The value of tax in Romania is 19% applied to the price of product or service.
Payment in advance is the amount required by the rental company for booking a car of the class requested by the client. This amount represents the value of at least one rental day and is substracted from the total car rental cost. In the rental day the customer will pay the difference between the total rental price and the advance. If the client does not honor the reservation, this amount is retained by the rental company. The car can be reserved by the rental company by blocking an amount on the client credit card representing the value of at least one rental day. In this case we are not talking about an advance payment because the client's card is not processed. If the client doesn't show up in the rental day, the blocked sum is retained by the rental company. If the client picks up the car, the deposit is then unblocked and the client will pay the total rental amount according to the rental contract.
An additional 10 € fee is charged if the delivery/collection takes place at the airport. If the delivery/collection is between 10.00 pm - 7.00 am, the fee is 20 €.
In case there are no available cars in the required location, cars can be brought from a different location, with extra charges determined by the distance between locations.
The same extra charges have to be paid if the client drops off the car at a different location than the one he picked up the car from.
In winter the snow chains are necessary in certain circumstances. If the client rents snow chains he has to use them on short distances with low speeds and only when the road is covered with snow. Inadequate use of the snow chains can lead to destroyed tires. The price for snow chains is 10 €/rental period.
Child seats are offered for the children with different ages. In our offer there are several types of child seats. When the client asks for a particular child seat we will do the best to provide it. The price for a child seat is 15 €/rental period.
In case the client loses the car keys or car documents a charge will be applied. The charge is dependent on the car type.
Additional driver will be anyone other than yourself, who will drive your rental car. Even if you rent a car, but never drive it, you are automatically considered the primary operator of the rental vehicle. Anyone else who drives your rental car must be approved by the rental company. They must complete and sign a form at the rental counter. The cost for an additional driver is 10 €/driver/rental period.
The cars can be delivered free of charge at the company during the working hours (Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00). For the delivery / return of the cars outside the working hours, additional fees ranging between 10 and 30 Euro may be charged.
In addition to the rental charges, the client is required to have a credit card deposit as a guarantee of proper usage of the motor vehicle for the entire duration of the contract. The deposit is unblocked after the car is checked thoroughly for any damage. The deposit is partially or fully retained for damage suffered by the car due to either the client, the additional driver or an unknown third party, depending on the value of the damage. Depending on the car, the deposit can also be the client's responsibility in case of an accident.
The Client is responsible for any violation of traffic laws, including parking fines or any other fees. For example, the Police sends a paper to the rental company in which it asks for the details of the driver who drove the rented car beyond the legal speed at a specific date and time. The company sends the rental contract to the Police and the Police sends the penalty costs to the client.
The report to the police is mandatory in case of an accident. The police will ascertain the damages and will issue a Report and the Repair Authorization. These documents are indispensable for the insurance in order to operate and to repair the vehicle. The report to the police is mandatory in all cases: if the Client is responsible for the accident, if the Client is a casualty, if the Client is the only one involved, if the responsible part is unknown (parking damages, etc). Without these documents the Client takes the full responsibility for the repair costs. Also the client must immediately announce the rental company about the accident.
In case of accident caused by the Client being under the influence of alcohol/drugs/other narcotics, the responsibility for paying all the damages rests with the Client.
As a general rule it is forbidden to take the rented car outside of Romania's borders. The exceptions will be discussed with the reservation agents.
The basic insurance package offered in the car price includes the following insurances: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Damage Waiver (TDW), THIRD PARTY Liability (TPL). Any particular situations will be discussed with the reservation agents.
Covers the rental vehicle in the event of accidental damage to the rental vehicle other than by theft or attempted theft. An excess usually applies and the amount will vary depending on the vehicle type.
Damages produced by impact, collision with mobile or immobile bodies, found outside or inside the vehicle, scratching, falling, side-slipping or overthrowing;
Damages produced directly or indirectly by fire, explosion and natural phenomena (thunder, flood, earthquake, hail storm, storm, earth sliding or collapse, fumigation, maculation, carbonization as a result of fire);
Damages produced by explosion (including the explosion of the fuel tank);
Damages produced to the spare tires, the tools from the standard endowment, additional equipment, permanent constructive changes, as result of the insured event production;
Damages produced by atmospherical perils (lightening, storm, hurricane, hail or flood, earthquake, collapse of land or landslide, weight of the snow layer, avalanches, including damages indirectly produced by them; for example: fall over the motor vehicles of the thunderstruck trees, motor vehicle damage caused by the objects engaged by storm, hurricane, or water resulted from floods, etc.);
Damages produced by the fall of bodies on the motor vehicle (ice blocks, rocks);
Damages produced by the impact of the motor vehicle against animals;
Damages produced by the fall of the motor vehicle into precipice, water, fall off the bridge.
Damages produced by falls (falling into pits, water during passenger transfer, falls due to bridge breaking, bodies falling down onto cars), skidding or turning over, fire, explosion, thunder, earthquake, floods and land slide.
This policy does not grant insurance for spare parts, slip covers, tarpaulins, fuels or other goods inside the car, for damages occurred as a result of using cars in contests, racing or training there from and nor for damages due to passing through flooded areas, crossing rivers or driving on roads where traffic is forbidden;
The insurance also excludes damages due to manufacturing flaws of the material or execution flaws of components or parts, damages due to temperature influence on the vehicle's engine (for instance: breakdowns at the engine block, cylinder cover or the cooling system due to water freezing) and damages at the engine, gear box or differential gear due to the lack of or insufficient lubrication or overheating because of any other causes than those contained in the insurance, damages due to the tank's explosion during repairs when welding procedure is used.
The report to the police is mandatory in all cases: if the Client is responsible for the accident, if the Client is a casualty, if the Client is the only one involved, if the responsible part is unknown (parking damages, etc). Without these documents the Client takes the full responsibility for the repair costs.
In case of an accident caused by the Client being under the influence of alcohol/drugs/other narcotics, the responsibility for paying all the damages rests with the Client.
In case of an accident the client must immediately announce the event to the rental company. If the client does not respect this condition the responsibility for paying all the damages rests with the Client.
Theft Damage Waiver provides coverage for the theft towards your rented car, provided by an official statement document obtained from the official authorities.
Vehicle theft, burglary of component parts, accessories from the series endowment and/or additionally insured equipment, assembled on the motor vehicle;
Damage or destruction of the motor vehicle or of the component parts as a result of theft or theft attempt on the motor vehicle.
In case of theft insurance is not granted if the police authorities do not confirm the theft or the theft intention by car breaking, after a complain has been registered to the said authorities.
This insurance does not provide coverage in case the original keys and original car papers are not presented by client.
Third Party car Insurance covers you for damage caused by your car to a car owned by a third party in the event of an accident.
The covered risks are for material damages, bodily injuries or decease, damages produced to third parties by the insured.
For material damage to goods in one and the same accident, regardless of the number of people harmed, compensation limit in Romania is at least 300,000 euro.
For personal injury and death, including non-patrimonial damage, produced in one and same accident, regardless of the number of persons harmed, minimum compensation is 1,500,000 euros.
No down payment, commissions or other taxes needed for financing.
No financial documentation of the company required, new companies are welcome!
The rental contract can be done for 12 to 48 months.
The payment is done through a unique monthly rate; the rate is an entirely deductive expense every month.
Vehicle usage within 30,000 km/year limit (extra kilometers are charged at the end of 6 or 12 month period).
Insurance. Technical maintenance and repairs are included (minimum participation limit for the damages).
Complete insurance package: TPL - third party liability, PAW - personal and luggage insurance in case of accident, TPW - theft protection waiver, CDW – collision damage waiver.
Vehicles with high standards of security, reliability and comfort, completely equipped.
24 hour technical support.
Season tires summer/winter and tires exchange.
Mandatory tune ups.
Vehicle replacement in case of accident.
Over border crossing permitted.
Fleet management: insurance, maintenance and repairs.
Additional services: accessories rental (GPS, radar detector, mobile phone, child seat, snow chains, etc); the possibility of including in the rate fuel cards with limited value.
Our operative personnel performs all the procedures, you benefit of non-stop road assistance and vehicle replacement anytime necessary. Therefore, the immobilization time of the vehicles is reduced to zero and so your teams can become more efficient.
The car images from the offer are not the pictures of the real cars that will be rented. There are examples for helping the client to have an image of the model offered for rent.

In exceptional situations due to specific car rental activity the client don’t receive the car model reserved, but receives a car from the same class or superior, in the same price and conditions. In this exceptional cases Eurocars reserves the right to change the confirmed car even if is not able to annouce the client in time.
With our new last minute offer you can save time and money.     The following conditions apply only for last minute offers:     The customer will call as soon as he did reservation at the phone number given by e-mail in order to confirm his willingness to pick up the car, only between 9 to 18 (9 AM - 6 PM) at Romania (GMT +2). (To see what the time is in Romania you can visit our Contact page)    Without phone confirmation the booking is canceled    The confirmation is immediate, without having to pay an advance credit card.    This offer is valid only for cars and periods mentioned    Any incorrect information filled in the form leads to your booking cancellation.
Package deals are valid only for the mentioned cars and periods.
The main purpose of online transactions on the website is not to pay for rental services, but to ensure through the card, the presence of the customer at the service performance place. More specifically, when the client makes a reservation backed up by the credit card, an amount representing the value of a day for rental of the car of the class requested is blocked.
If the client appears to pick up the car, the amount on the credit card (previously blocked) will be released, following the client to pay the entire consideration for the rental.
The blocked amount shall not be considered as an advance because it taken back by the customer.
In case the customer fails to appear to pick up the car at the time and date specified in the reservation, the amount blocked on the credit card is to be retained to cover any damages resulting.
The reservation can be canceled without charge, at least 48 hours in advance.
By accepting these conditions the customer firmly agrees to be charged the card by the value of a day's rent in case the order is not honored. This firm agreement can be used in case of refusal to pay or other litigious situations.
In case of online payments, the payment of services available on this website is done through online payment solutions offered by Romcard SA.
In order to eliminate the risk that your data enter possession and are abused by third parties: [SC. Euro Expres Car SRL] and Romcard SA guarantee the security of the information systems. The information regarding bank card details (card number, expiration date, etc.) are not stored or transferred at any point in time, to servers [] or servers of Romcard SA.
In the case of 3D Secure system for payment with Visa card or MasterCard, the data related to your credit card, are directly entered in Visa or MasterCard systems, and if your card was issued by a bank certified in 3D Secure system, the transaction authorization is only done after your authentication in this system - entering a code / password, and the PIN code, known only to you, during ATM transactions.
S.C. EURO EXPRES CAR S.R.L., the owner of portal manages the personal data you provide about yourself carefully ,according to the Românian legislation on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free circulation of data. The data collected is done for processing on purposes associated to products and services provided by the operator, such as contacting you (inclusively by mail, e-mail, text messages or phone) in connection with offers of car rental services, conducting market studies with a view to determining the customer satisfaction degree, preparation of statistical reports . The requested data provided are voluntary. Registered information is intended for use by operator and may be disclosed only to the following beneficiaries: you, operator's representatives and operator's contractual partners. The romanian legislation gives , you enjoy the access right, intervention on data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to appeal to justice. You also have the right to oppose to the processing of your personal data concerning you and request erasure of data. To exercise these rights, you can email us the oficial website adress Our Commitment To the client Data Security  Within the specific operational processes, Euro Express carries out personal data collected on Euro Express's geographically located servers outside Romania. The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personally identifiable information and personal data submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. With this in mind we would ask you not to enter any payment card number into fields on our websites, unless that the field is specifically marked for that purpose.