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Posted on June 08, 2010

It is said that a customer of the house is always treated better than a usual one... You start to believe in this sentence every time you return in the same hotel where you have stayed last summer, or each time you talk to your trip advisor, and they seem to smile at you and serve you in the best way possible, because you have already made acquaintance, and they seem to already know your name and trip preferences.

Launched in the same time as the new image of our website, the EuroCars Loyalty Program grows each day bigger, because of you, our satisfied clients. So, why join our Program? This must be the question that a client that has rented once must ask itself. Even if you think that it is a singular time, your visit in Romania we mean, you might be surprised that Romania might call you here once again. This might be caused by work problems, or simply you might fall in love with our beautiful landscapes and good food. So, why do not register in our data base, and the next time you will need a car, your personal data will be directly generated by our Smart website?

Maybe you might think that our discounts are not that attractive, but please consider, that by registering on our website as a client, you will automatically receive a 2 % discount because that means that you have already become our Junior Member. Percentage by percentage, you will discover in the end that the discount is quite important, and most important of all, as already written in the "laws" of life, a usual customer gets a better treatment, the company being always there for him, for more than the usual questions. We can be proud to have clients that used our car renting services for more than 5 years. You can be sure, that for this client, our attitude towards him makes him come back to us over and over again. The attitude, availability, price and efficiency being the ingredients to a quality service.

Each client must know that we are always there for any car rental request, even if it is made by an already registered client or not.

Disadvantages? it is really simple... there aren't because this Loyalty Program only offers you advantages. Just steal 3 minutes from your time to fill in the basic form with your name, email address and a password, and you will automatically receive the register confirmation.

Why not share with you some opinions of our clients? Here there are a few:

- "Hi, we were more than happy with your services and we would rent from your company again. Also I would recommend your company to anyone. Once again thank you for the good experience I had with your services."

Daniel & Suzy

-" Thank you (as always)! also because you have seen that there was a mistake with the payment and returned back my money. Thank you very much."


We have explained the main tactic and procedure of the register process and its benefits. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the free service that we offer

Give yourself the luxury of enjoying a quick and efficient service, especially created for our past, present and future clients!

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