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- If you're the kind of person that is always looking out for bargains and you're reading these lines, you are on the right track. We are all about getting you a good deal on your car rental in Romania and that's why we've thought of including some of our hire cars into the special offers section.
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With EuroCars Romania, you will first view the wide range of car rental discount available in our fleet so that you can make the best decision on your hire car and only then proceed to booking it. Got questions on the rental car and can't find the answer anywhere on our website? Get in touch with our Customer Service team and we will gladly assist you. Our company aims to help its clients enjoy great discount on their rental cars wherever they may be in Romania. We strive to include a variety of cars into our discount deals section every month to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Hiring a car is now more rewarding and it involves less stress.
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In order to view the car rental offers available in all of the cities where EuroCars operates, select your rental location from the list below.

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- Getting a good deal on your car rental will make a huge difference to your travel to Romania. Our special offers are not limited to specific locations. You'll get them wherever there is a EuroCars office such as in: Timisoara, Iasi, Arad, Bucuresti, Brasov, Sibiu, Constanta, Suceava or Bacau. So choose your favourite hire car location and your ideal car for this holiday and get driving!